Top 22 Elementary Teacher Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: March 3, 2021

If you are writing a resume for an elementary teaching job, you must start it with an objective statement. As a matter of fact, the employer’s decision to read your resume depends on how appealing your objective statement is.

The key to writing a good objective statement is to understand the requirements of the school, then tailor your statement accordingly. In your objective, be very clear about your career ambitions and skills.

Here are 22 best Elementary Teacher Resume Objective examples divided into different categories.

Sample Objectives for Elementary Teacher Resume With Experience

1. Poised to obtain an elementary teaching position at ABC School. Leveraging a successful teaching track record to help students achieve social and academic success. 

2. Results-oriented Kindergarten teacher, with 11+ years experience in large private and public schools. Seeking to guide students of ABC School to the path of excellence. Strong STEM expertise.

3. Friendly and Student-focused teacher with 6 years of hands-on experience instructing and motivating elementary students. Looking for an elementary teacher position at AA School to achieve top academic performance. 

4. Seasoned Elementary School Teacher seeking work at Aspire Public School. Utilizing 6+ years’ successful track record in lesson planning and activity-based teaching. Competent in K 12 teaching strategies and class discipline.

5. Seeking an elementary teacher position at Lake School to provide detailed English, social studies, history, and math lessons using unique teaching techniques gained from 8 years of experience. 

6. Results-driven elementary teacher, eager to contribute to Houston City School utilizing 7 years of experience in developing and implementing school curriculum. 6+ years of extensive teaching experience.

7. Passionate kindergarten teacher, with 4 years’ track record eager to work for San Diego Public School to assist students in developing excellent academic and social skills.

8. Performance-oriented elementary teacher poised to apply my 2+ years of teaching experience to lead and motivate children to increase their academic performance, as well as social skills. Lively personality and positive attitude.

9. Industrious and resourceful individual, looking for an Elementary Teacher position at North Carolina Public Schools. Bringing 5+ years’ hands-on experience in lesson implementation, curriculum development, and classroom management.

10. Energetic and goal-oriented Elementary Teacher eager to work for City School in a similar capacity. Well versed in developing a constructive classroom environment to facilitate the learning of pupils with a broader aim of bringing progressive innovation in elementary teaching.

11. Seeking an elementary teaching position at Little Bloomers. Bringing a genuine dedication to assist students in cognitive development, innovative lesson planning, and activity-based teaching.

Objectives for Entry Level New Elementary Teacher With No Experience

12. Detail-oriented teacher with a strong knowledge of STEM education gained through an Associate Degree in Education. Looking to apply my extensive teaching skills at ABC School as an elementary teacher.

13. Passionate educationalist with a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and knowledge of project-based learning, and K12 strategies. Enthusiastic to work for NY Elementary School to stimulate learning and curiosity in children.

14. Looking for an entry-level elementary teacher position at Texas Public School utilizing my exceptional instructional abilities to facilitate quick learning in students. Current BA Degree in Education with a special focus on early childhood education.

15. Seeking an entry-level elementary teacher position in the dynamic academic environment of California Public School. Leveraging teaching internship and knowledge of classroom management and curriculum development to bring the best results.

16. Fun and friendly kindergarten teacher with a strong knowledge of standard teaching techniques. Eager to leverage my teaching skills gained through an Associate’s Degree to develop the mental levels of students.

17. To work for AAA School in the capacity of a kindergarten teacher utilizing passion to educate children from different backgrounds and develop them for academic excellence.

18. To obtain an Elementary Teaching position with XYZ School where knowledge of lesson development and implementation can be fully utilized to make a productive contribution to the development of children.

New Graduate Teacher Resume Objectives

19. Seeking to join ABC School in the capacity of an Elementary Teacher. Bringing innovative teaching techniques, research-based methodology, and ample knowledge of cognitive milestones in pupils. BA in early childhood education.

20. Recent graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education poised to work for XYZ School in the capacity of an elementary teacher. Bringing a strong passion to impart lessons in accordance with the school curriculum while providing a positive learning experience for children.

21. Fresh and passionate educationist, with a Bachelor’s Degree in early childhood development. Passionate to work for ABC School to foster children’s intellectual and social development through modern teaching techniques.

Career Changer Elementary Teacher Career Objective

22. An administrative professional, pursuing a career change as an elementary teacher with ABC School. Utilizing current teaching certification, teaching assistant experience, and knowledge of teaching methodologies to help students develop physically, intellectually, and socially.

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