Teacher Resume Objective Examples

March 17, 2018

A teacher’s job encompasses a whole lot. Teachers are responsible for planning, organizing, preparing and delivering instructional programs to students to facilitate learning and development. Teachers work at schools, colleges, universities and other educational settings.

Teachers play a vital role in a student’s life.

A good teacher can make more difference to a young mind than a good parent.

Students identify very strongly with their teachers which makes it quite a challenging job to do. If you are a teacher and are looking for an objective statement to adorn your resume, you might need to keep all this in mind before you start writing.

Here are a few examples of resume objective statements for teachers:


Sample Objectives for Entry Level Teachers

• Desire a Kindergarten Teaching position with the Knowledge City utilizing Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. Ability to plan and implement activities that promote the social, physical, and intellectual growth of children.

• Seeking a position as Math Teacher at Nashville High School. Offers hands-on skills in planning and implementing high-quality mathematical lessons. Able to analyze and use data, and build strong relationships with students.

• Looking for a teaching position at Astra School System. Bringing high dedication to student development and related educational needs.


Sample Objectives for Experienced Teachers

• A results-oriented individual, looking for a Preschool Teacher position with Little Sprouts making the most of extensive teaching experience to contribute to the active learning of young minds.

• Driven Teacher eager to obtain a position at Napa Elementary School using eight years’ hands-on experience in classroom management and expertise in curriculum development.

• Seeking a Teacher position at Acme High School where training and skills in active teaching methodologies will be fully utilized to provide students with a positive learning experience.

• To work for ABC School as a Social Studies Teacher. Eager to impart lessons and communicate clear learning objectives by using a variety of learning materials and resources. 5+ years’ track record of success observing students and evaluating their performance to bring improvement in learning.

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