Elementary Teacher Cover Letter

Updated on March 14, 2018

The purpose of Elementary Teacher Cover Letter is to communicate applicant’s qualifications, skills, and attributes to the prospective employer.

It is written to convince recruiters to see your attached resume.

Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Tips

• Avoid using excessive use of the pronoun “I.”

• Don’t repeat the same idea.

• Review and rewrite every sentence to ensure a changed structure.

• If you have an enclosed/attached document such as resume, recommendation letter or a copy of transcript then type “Enclosure/Attachment” two lines after your name in the end.

• Limit the length of your letter to four paragraphs on one page.

• Use good quality paper to print cover letter and resume.

• Sign your cover letter before sending and save a copy for your record.

• Reread your cover letter at least three times to identify and correct any typos or misuse of words.

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Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Sample 1



666 Main Ave West
Houston, TX 65524

March 14, 2018

Ms. Cristina Preece
Hiring Manager
ABC School
2227 Some Street
Houston, TX 65221


Dear Ms. Preece:

I am responding to your job posting for Elementary Teacher located on indeed.com. I have bachelor’s degree in Education, Texas Teacher’s Certification with Elementary K-5 endorsement and five years’ extensive experience, and I would like to bring my skills to the ABC School.

As an elementary teacher, I create value in many ways:

✓ Demonstrated ability to prepare exceptionally well for lectures before time.

✓ Create a favorable classroom environment that is appropriate to the maturity level and interests of the students.

✓ Prepare and implement lesson plans to meet the varied learning styles, abilities, and requirements of students in a culturally diverse environment.

✓ Highly competent in planning activities and projects that are relevant to students’ needs.

I have a thorough knowledge of Texas Core IB Curriculum. My proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office software is an added strength to my profile. My ability to provide students with varied learning environments helped me fostering students’ cognitive and social growth.

As a self-directed, resourceful and enthusiastic teaching professional, I would very much like to schedule a meeting where we can further discuss my skills and abilities to become a part of your team.

May we meet to discuss your needs further?




Sara Chris
(000) 342-2523

Attachment. Resume



Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Sample 2



Joyce Kinsley

344 Ellis Sq ● Pella, IA 56939 ● (008) 687-3648 ● [Email]

March 14, 2018

Mr. Kline Fredrick
HR Manager
Pella Elementary School
877 Heavenly Sq
Pella, IA 56939


Dear Mr. Fredrick:

Your recent posting for an Elementary Teacher mirrors all the skills I have developed over eight years. As a flexible, open-minded and self-driven teaching professional, I am eager to leverage my talents for the development of students at Pella Elementary School. My experience and training perfectly qualify me for this position.

I offer diverse teaching experience and the ability to build and implement effective lesson plans based on the given curriculum. I believe in fulfilling the unique needs of each child and have devoted many years to devising and implementing various strategies to handle children.

Having served at various private and public sector schools, I progressively developed knowledge of contemporary teaching strategies.

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you in person and discuss my relevant achievements with you. I will follow-up on my application after one week.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Joyce Kinsley
(008) 687-3648
Encl. Resume

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