Elementary Teacher Resume Example

Updated on July 3, 2017

Looking through a dozen resumes means that you get to see a dozen resumes written on different dynamics.

That is the best part about resumes – no two are alike. Or at least, no two should be alike, even if they are being written by the same person.

Below is a targeted resume sample for an elementary teacher position.

Feel free to use and customize this sample as per your circumstances.




Elementary Teacher Resume Sample



Gary Junior

4 Almond Tree Lane | Clovis, NM 56412
(000) 999-5487 | junior.gary @ email . com

“An engaging personality with a strong passion for teaching children and helping them to achieve their best.”

Performance Summary
Student-oriented Elementary Teacher with over 17 years of experience in developing and implementing curriculum to meet the specific learning requirements of individual students. Ability to education in a group and on one-on-one basis, ensuring accurate delivery and reception of concepts. Documented success in providing students with assistance in comprehending complex concepts by virtue of individual attention.

Competent and efficient, assesses students’ progress and providing intervention services where required. Counsels students to improve their performance, health status and appropriate behavior.

Professional Competencies

✓ Student Assessment✓ Lesson Planning✓ Curriculum Development
✓ Progress Communication✓ Outcome Improvement✓ Student Counseling
✓ Special Needs Assistance✓ Monitoring and Evaluation✓ Progress Documentation
✓ Parent Coordination✓ Behavioral Management✓ Activities-based Teaching


Key Accomplishments
• Implemented a novel progress evaluation system, which provided term by term results to help assess student progress
• Introduced a series of student behavior management programs that proved to be invaluable in handling unsavory acts within the classroom
• Suggested incorporation of activities-based teaching into the curriculum, resulting in a large number of parents and students showing interest in the newly introduced module
• Counseled 5 students into continuing their education, after them showing signs of dropping out at the elementary level


Williamsburg Elementary School, Clovis, NM | 7/2009 – Present
Elementary Teacher
• Create and develop core elementary school curriculum based on established protocols and regulations
• Develop and implement lesson plans to meet the individualized learning needs of each students
• Impart education in a group session or on a one on one basis, placing special focus on delivery of conceptual information
• Assist students in comprehending complex concepts, ensuring that they remain at par with the rest of the class
• Administer assignments and exams, and grade them according to standardized systems
• Assess each student to determine his or her strengths and weaknesses and provide all students with counseling where required

Southcentral Elementary School, Clovis, NM | 2/2000 – 7/2009
Teacher Assistant
• Assisted in imparting education to students, in accordance with established protocols
• Provided assistance to lead teachers in teaching complex concepts to students in an individualized manner
• Performed research and developed teaching materials to aid lead teachers in explaining concepts to students
• Oversaw students to ensure exemplary behavior within the classroom and during outdoor activities

Clovis College, Clovis, NM | 1999
Bachelor of Science in Education

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