Beginner Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: May 29, 2022

The value that you bring to a teaching job is important information for an employer who is looking for a little more than an average candidate.

The only way to communicate this value is through a resume, as this particular document gives you a lot of chances to come across as an exceptional candidate.

The following sample entry level teacher resume can tell you how this can be done:

Sample Resume for a Beginner Teacher Position

Hilary Rhodes
20 Teller Street
Salem, NJ 58202
(000) 999-9999


Highly enthusiastic Teacher with extensive comprehension of teaching preschool students to ensure that they meet their individual social, developmental, and educational goals. A pleasant and approachable person who has a proven track record of ensuring the success of a beginners’ program.

• Highly skilled in planning educational programs using assessment as a means of identifying students’ needs.
• Well-versed in providing full coverage of learning areas, in line with the school’s curriculum statements and schemes.
• Deep insight into recording student progress and achievement to provide intervention in weak areas.
• Effectively able to research and use educational resources to assist students in comprehending concepts.

• Curriculum Development • Achievement Assessment
• Resources Management • Activities-based Learning
• Progress Promotion • Special Needs Assistance
• Behavioral Management • Technological Support
• Lesson Planning • Cognitive Development
• In-service Education • Student Involvement

• Introduced the concept of activities-based learning to the school, thereby increasing the interest of students in learning new ideas.
• Successfully taught a special needs class for an entire month in the absence of the lead teacher.
• Implemented a student assessment system which decreased student evaluation problems considerably.
• Built a library of teaching materials for preschoolers, consisting of over 6000 resources.


Beginner Teacher
Chesterbrook Preschool, Salem, NJ
6/2016 – Present
• Create a beginners’ curriculum in accordance with the school’s specifications, aimed at meeting students’ specific learning requirements.
• Planned and implemented lessons according to set curriculum to ensure students’ cognitive, language, social and educational development.
• Oversee students and ensure their safety and wellbeing and monitor them to ensure that they are working according to instructions.
• Assess the development of students to ensure that they meet set milestones and address any developmental concerns to the school management.
• Assist students with their personal needs including toileting and feeding.
• Ascertain that the class environment is safe for students by ensuring that it is properly cleaned and free of hazardous objects.
• Confer with parents to provide them with feedback on their children’s progress and address any concerns.
• Oversee students’ activities in the playground and provide immediate assistance in cases of emergencies.

Teacher Aide
Merryhill School, Salem, NJ
2/2009 – 6/2016
• Assisted the lead teacher in imparting lessons by ensuring that all students are on par with each other.
• Provided support to individual students in learning concepts according to their own pace.
• Researched and developed specific materials to assist students in learning complex ideas quickly.
• Monitored students in class and at playtime to ensure their safety and wellbeing.
• Created and maintained students’ records and ensured that they were timely updated.

Master’s Degree in Education – 2009
Salem University, Salem, NJ