Generic Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: August 24, 2019

A teacher’s resume must hold information such as his or her ability to create and implement lesson plans and curriculum.

Previous experience in a teacher or assistant teacher role must also be mentioned.


It is also important to highlight the fact that you possess the right skills set to be considered for the position.

And that you have it in you to handle difficult situations with students in an academic setting.

To see how you can write a generic resume for a teacher position, refer to the following sample:




Generic Teacher Resume Sample



Bella Simpson
68 Dean Road, Cody, WY 41212
(000) 999-9999


Experienced and skilled lead teacher, with extensive knowledge of creating and implementing core curriculum and lesson plans. Highly talented in imparting education in accordance with the specific abilities of students. Demonstrated expertise in educating students in accordance with their specific needs and attainment potential.

• Ceated and implemented core curriculum for middle school, as a result, received high accolades from the management
• Introduced activities-based learning, hence, increased students’ interest in education
• Implemented a student assessment system, thereby, increased evaluation efficiency by 55%
• Devised a unique attendance maintenance system, which was 80% more efficient than the one already in place


• Lesson Planning
• Curriculum Development
• School Development
• Plan Implementation
• Student Assessment
• Reports Generation
• Learning Strategies
• Methodology Development
• Activities-based Learning
• Goal Setting
• Attendance Maintenance
• Behavior Management


Lead Teacher
St. Peter’s Middle School, Cody, WY | 2017-present

• Confer with the management in order to determine curriculum development needs
• Create and implement core curriculum in accordance with school and state regulations
• Develop lesson plans in sync with the specific and individualized needs of each student
• Impart education in an interesting and fun manner
• Strategize ways to keep lessons engaging, especially difficult to understand concepts
• Oversee and monitor student behavior during class
• Discipline students who may be acting out of line
• Give out assignments and check and grade them
• Assess students, and create reports
• Engage parents in conversation in order to provide them with their children’s academic updates

Assistant Teacher
Learning Point, Cody, WY | 2015-2017

• Developed resources to be used in teaching students
• Recorded students’ attendance on a daily basis
• Engaged students in hands-on and creative problem-based learning activities
• Maintained discipline within the classroom, and in school grounds
• Assisted students in performing their assignments by providing them with clarity

Master’s Degree in Education
Wyoming Stated University, Cody,WY – 2011

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