Classroom Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 4, 2019

Classroom teachers work in academic settings where they are expected to do much more than just teaching.

While teaching is the essence of any educator, classroom teachers have more responsibility on their shoulders.


They are supposed to manage the class assigned to them in terms of student behavior, cleanliness and maintenance and to ensure that all students follow a set curriculum.

In lower grades, a classroom teacher is usually expected to manage the class and teach all subjects as well.

In these days of academic challenges, classroom teachers are required to attend teaching and classroom management courses which increase their prospects of being hired.




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Cover letters for teaching positions need to carry a lot of weight as it takes a lot for an employer to decide that you are the right candidate.


Classroom Teacher Cover Letter Sample


34 White Planes Drive
Severna Park, MD 77888

April 4, 2019

Mrs. Dina Chris
Severna Public Schools
7901 Adclare Road
Severna Park, MD 73002


Dear Mrs. Chris:

As an educator, I strive hard to stimulate curiosity and make learning rewarding for my students. My teaching techniques are unique, and my classroom management skills are unconventional which keep my students engrossed and make learning more effective than in ordinary circumstances. It is this unique approach to education and student management that I wish to bring to Severna Public School.

I have been working as a teacher for almost five years and taught a multitude of students with diverse backgrounds. This exposure has been instrumental in teaching me the many practical ways that learning can be imparted. I am well versed in individualized curriculum development and able to pay special attention to devising and implementing class-ready lesson plans. My teaching objectives are always very clear in my head as I believe that every teacher’s prime responsibility is to act as a mentor to her students.

I have never had trouble managing my class just because I do not believe in reprimanding students. I have extensive knowledge of teaching all subjects, including Mathematics and Science. My teaching methods have resulted in the ultimate performance of weak students. These traits will enable me to take an active part in the development of students at Severna Public Schools.

Please provide me with a time and date when I can meet you and discuss my skills and the probability of my being a part of your school. I am available at (000) 222-2222 during school hours on weekdays and can be contacted at any time during weekends.

Thank you for your consideration.




Isabelle Harley



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