2 Art Teacher Resume Samples

Updated on: August 22, 2023

A resume for an art teacher position is a one to two pages document that summarizes your experience, qualifications, and achievements in a logical manner.

In order to write a good resume, you should use statements and bullet points under different sections of your resume in keeping with the job description provided by the employer.

Remember, do not copy-paste the job description into your resume. Instead, make some most relevant statements that best highlight your relevant skills.

Here are 2 compelling resume examples for an art teacher position. Feel free to use and modify as per job requirements and your circumstances.

Art Teacher Resume Sample 1

Daemon Henderson
477 Lariat Drive
Spearfish, SD 63545
(000) 578-3262
daehen @email . com

“I am Creative, expressive, and aesthetically blessed.”

Friendly and creative art teacher with 8+ years of experience in providing a personalized instructional program in keeping with the abilities, needs, and learning characteristics of all students. Proven ability to create and implement art lesson plans, following the specifics of the set curriculum.
Track record of effectively creating student-centered learning environments, which is characterized by consistent application of educational psychology practices. Able to employ creative methods of instruction, and utilize a wide variety of materials within the structure of the set curriculum.


  • Lesson Planning
  • Instruction Imparting
  • Academic Interventions
  • Grading
  • Progress Evaluation
  • Results Recording

• Led a highly successful inclusion program to encourage students with special needs to be made part of the regular curriculum.
• Developed a series of instructional art resources for the entire school.
• Implemented a grading system, which proved to be 65% more efficient than the one already being used by the school.
• Introduced a student assessment system, increasing deciphering student progress and limitations.


Art Teacher
Learn 4 Life, Spearfish, SD         
5/2017 – Present
• Assist the management in creating and implementing the core art curriculum for all assigned classes.
• Create and implement lesson plans following the specifics of the curriculum.
• Impart lessons to meet the specific needs of each student, based on his or her individual needs.
• Help students in understanding complex art concepts, by providing one on one instruction.
• Assess students to determine their specific strengths and limitations and assist them in recognizing problems.
• Intervene in situations that require mediation, in a bid to provide students with help and assistance.
• Demonstrate techniques in art activities including painting, drawing, and sketching.
• Provide parents with progress information and suggest ways of bettering comprehension and application of concepts.

Art Teacher Assistant
Salina Public Schools, Spearfish, SD     
2/2013 – 5/2017
• Assisted lead art teacher in implementing art lessons, in a group and one on one capacities.
• Performed research to develop learning resources, and shared them with students.
• Ensured that all required art supplies were available before the commencement of each class.
• Created and maintained records of students and attendance, safely and confidentially.
• Ensured that student behavior was maintained in a positive manner throughout the duration of the class.

Bachelor’s Degree in Arts
Spearfish Art School, Spearfish, SD

“I maintain a classroom environment that is conducive to learning, safe, and attractive to students.”

Art Teacher Resume Sample 2

Jennifer Smith
54 Newmarket Street
San Diego, CA 21401
(000) 578-2103


Creative and diligent Art Teacher with 9-plus years of extensive experience in teaching arts-related subjects. Enjoys working with students by providing them with confidence and a thirst for knowledge. A self-motivated individual who has great respect for different cultures. Proven ability to communicate effectively with parents, coworkers, and all levels of management. Current California Teaching license. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

– Drawing lettering painting
– Making qualitative judgments
– The versatility of acrylic paints
– Aesthetic concepts development
– Student’s performance evaluation
– Care and use of tools and equipment


Art Teacher
Community School – Corona, CA 
2012 – present
• Put particular emphasis on weak students, therefore, improving their results by 80%.
• Achieved second place in a graphics competition that was published in local newspapers. Attain first place in a Photography Competition.
• Prepare and implement art lesson plans
• Deliver lessons to develop aesthetic concepts and appreciation in the students
• Integrate fine arts into diverse cultures, historical perspectives, and styles
• Develop student programs to promote commonalities and distinctions among the fine arts

High School Art Teacher
St Louis High School – Corona, CA 
2009 – 2012
• Attained two awards in Art in SAS Competition.
• Obtained 100% positive feedback from staff, teachers, and parents.
• Coordinated art displays, demonstrations, and fairs
• Imparted subject knowledge simply and quickly
• Planned events and festivals

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Alexandria University – San Diego, CA – 2008
Major: Fine Arts

California State Teaching Certification with Art Endorsement

• MS Word and Excel
• ProClass and Gradelink
• PowerPoint Presentations
• Internet, Email, and Social Media Interaction

• Excellent communications skills
• Able to work under pressure – separately and in a team
• A creative leader with excellent time management skills

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