Drama Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: August 19, 2018


Drama teachers work in schools where their prime duty is to teach drama and fine arts to students.

This may include teaching them how to act and write plays as well.

If you are are applying for a new job as a drama teacher, you may consider having a look at the following resume template that will help you write your own.



Drama Teacher Resume Sample



Casey Junior

1238 Shirley Street, Minden, NV 55343
(100) 999-9999, Email


• 6+ years of drama teaching experience in a multicultural environment
• Nevanda Arts Education Certificate
• Highly skilled in planning and implementing study programs
• In-depth knowledge of assessing creative accomplishments of students
• Hands on experience in teaching creative drama, scene work, and improvisation
• Enjoy working with children
• Strong desire to make a substantial difference in students’ lives

• Collaborated with Drama Club to arrange a play by Oscar Wilde performed in front of the Mayor
• Conceived the idea of amalgamating two Shakespearean plays and putting on a show for three elementary schools


Nashville Elementary School                     2014-present
Drama Teacher
• Plan drama study curriculum
• Create a classroom environment conducive to learning arts
• Maintain discipline in class and on stage
• Teach creative drama and direct after-school drama and music productions
• Work with other establishments to provide opportunities for drama productions for students

Saint Paul Public Schools – Saint Paul, MN         2012-2014
Teaching Assistant (Part Time)
• Monitored student behavior in the classroom
• Kept records
• Observed students
• Made calls to parents of absent students
• Counseled students and directed appropriate behavior
• Assisted in keeping daily student records
• Tutored students in reading, language arts, and drama

Saint Paul State University – Saint Paul, MN
Masters of Theater Arts – 2009
Majors: Drama
GPA: 3.8

• Excellent communication skills
• Able to work with students of diverse learning abilities
• Excellent know-how of drama and its manifestation
• Deadline and detail-driven
• Excellent ability to maintain a classroom environment
• Able to manage discipline