Valet Parking Attendant Skills for Resume

Updated on: November 3, 2015

Have you ever sat down and thought about how skilled you are? If you haven’t, maybe it is time that you did because you will need to mention them on your resume. Skills are a fundamental need if you want to do anything at the workplace. Lack of skills will drop your candidature down a hundred notches.

Resumes are the only places (apart from the actual workplace), where you can show off your skills. Employers do not mind a showoff when it comes to skills. In fact, they need to know what you are capable of so that they can make a decision in your favor.

What would you consider a skill? Any ability that you possess which will help you perform a work duty with excellence is considered a skill. If you are a carpenter, your skills lie in carving wood and using dedicated carpentry tools to help you with a job. If you are a waiter, your ability to be pleasant with people and understanding of the food service industry will be considered a skill.

Yes, everyone does have a skill. No one is without one. However, pulling skills to the surface is important if you want employers to know that you actually possess them. List them in an expressive manner on your resume and you have a great chance of being called in for an interview.

This is how you can list your skills in a valet parking attendant resume:

Valet Parking Attendant Skills for Resume

• Track record of safely driving cars to available parking spaces and ensuring their safety until the owners return
• Skilled in driving and maneuvering different types of cars including manual and auto transmission ones
• Committed to providing excellence in customer services by portraying a professional and courteous manner
• Competent at resolving parking lot disputes by employing tact and fair judgement
• Skilled in positioning barricades to prevent parking in certain areas such as those for handicapped drivers or the elderly
• Demonstrated expertise in manipulating vehicles to ensure that appropriate advantage of parking space is taken
• Hands-on experience in safely and efficiently moving vehicles to designated parking locations and ensuring that they are returned in the condition that they were handed over in
• Adept at reporting and responding to maintenance problems and grounds-keeping issues to security staff
• Skilled in explaining parking procedures and tariffs to customers and ensuring that appropriate tagging of keys is done when a vehicle is handed over
• Proficient in explaining vehicle parking and retrieval information to customers to put their mind at ease about the safety of their automobiles