Parking Lot Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 4, 2021

Experience and job description section is probably the trickiest part of a parking lot manager resume. This is the section where one is required to give a list of duties they have been performing in their previous or current role.

Putting what one does on daily basis into words can be difficult than it seems and that is why candidates turn to sample job descriptions for guidance.

Responsibilities of a parking lot manager range from counting vehicles in the parking lot to organizing parking plans and enter exit routes. Refer to the following job description for a parking lot manager for further guidance.

Sample Job Description for Parking Lot Manager Resume

• Develop and implement policies for the parking lot
• Issue parking permits and devise appropriate procedures for distribution of the same
• Organize parking registration activities
• Collect, count, and record the parking fee
• Supervise, train, and evaluate subordinate employees
• Guide and educate the campus community regarding parking procedures and SOPs
• Identify and report any suspicious vehicle
• Issue and submit periodic parking lot reports to the higher management
• Devise and recommend ways to enhance the effectiveness of parking procedures to ensure maximum customer facilitation
• Carryout paperwork for long term parking requests and issue a relevant permit if applicable
• Inspect the parking lot physically and ensure proper physical conditions are available for parking
• Ensure consumer and vehicle security in the parking lot
• Operate parking lot equipment, drive through gates and car lifters appropriately as and when required
• Respond to public inquiries and provide relevant information regarding parking protocols
• Monitor CCTV footage and report any suspicious activity
• Regularly update the members’ vehicle data and stamp their permits
• Oversee parking lot operations, revenue collection, and ticketing procedures
• Ensure proper bookkeeping procedures are being carried out
• Conduct minor maintenance of parking lot equipment
• Promote and demonstrate high standards of customer service
• Issue permits to vendors and other visitors after complete validation of their personal data
• Oversee flagging and validation code issuance
• Organize training sessions for development and grooming of the team
• Assign duties to the parking lot employees and evaluate their performance
• Serve as point of contact for parking lot procedures, maintenance, and permissions
• Allocate separate space for visitors, special guests, and handicapped individuals
• Manage parking lot budget and meet the maintenance requirements within the allocated amount
• Devise a proper one-way route within the parking area and display informative direction boards to implement the same
• Oversee the cleanliness of the parking lot and keep it snow-free during winters to facilitate smooth drive in and drive out
• Procure and install parking signs and meters etc.
• Maintain vehicle owner’s data on whose IDs the permits have been issued
• Record all drive-ins and drive outs with timings in the computerized log system