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Junior Loan Processor Resume Sample

Do you know how hiring managers separate good resumes from bad ones? They spend 5 seconds scanning each resume and then pile them under considerable and non-considerable piles.  Make sure that the resume you send can easily be scanned in this little time and be considered a good match for the employer’s requirements. Here is… Read More »

Mortgage Loan Processor Resume Sample

MORTGAGE LOAN PROCESSOR SUMMARYResourceful and self-directed Loan Processor with 8+ years’ hands-on experience in performing initial appraisals of potential borrowers and assessing credit standings through thorough background research. Demonstrated ability to interview applicants to effectively evaluate their eligibility for loans. Expertise includes:• Identifying applicants’ borrowing needs and assisting them through exploration of options.• Cultivating trustworthy… Read More »

Loan Processor Job Description and Duties for Resume

Loan Processor Job Description As the title suggests, a loan processor is someone who helps clients obtain a loan from a financial organization. Loan processors work with mortgage companies, banks, and independent lending organizations. Typically, they are required to possess a background in finance so that they can understand the logistics of lending money and payback… Read More »

2 Loan Processor Resume Samples

Hiring managers and recruiters usually receive a lot of resumes for a single job posting of a loan processor, and they can’t possibly go through each resume in detail. On average, a recruiter spends 10-15 seconds visually scanning a resume and determining whether or not to read the whole document. The question arises, what can… Read More »