2 Loan Processor Resume Samples

Updated on: October 14, 2022

Hiring managers and recruiters usually receive a lot of resumes for a single job posting of a loan processor, and they can’t possibly go through each resume in detail.

On average, a recruiter spends 10-15 seconds visually scanning a resume and determining whether or not to read the whole document.

The question arises, what can you do to grab the reader’s attention in these 15 seconds?

Well, it’s a tough one!

A single-word answer to this question is ‘Relevance.’ Give them what they seek! This is where customized resumes come in. Never send a generic loan processing resume.

Here are 2 fully customizable resume samples for the loan processor position.

Loan Processor Resume Sample 1

William Keats
430 Olympus Sq
Fort Worth, TX 56923
(009) 444-5555


Poised to outperform in the loan processing arena. Repeated records of achievement with major financial institutions.

Detail-oriented and highly methodical loan processor with 3+ years’ progressive experience managing a mortgage and other loan filing and processing, credit report, and desktop underwriting verification. Demonstrated ability to maintain good relationships with clients, real estate agents, and seniors to ensure timely processing and submission of applications.

• Skilled in receiving, analyzing, and evaluating incoming documents to ascertain loan eligibility.
• Adept at verifying credit reports, income, and assets.
• Well-versed in filing and submitting a loan through automated underwriting programs like DU/LP upon validation.
• Substantial knowledge of real estate terminology and departmental procedures, loan-related documentation requirements, and relevant state-issued regulations.


Loan Processor
Cribis, Fort Worth, TX
• Initiate 50+ mortgage contracts by actively analyzing client databases, and identifying and reaching prospective clients.
• Validate the precision of loan packages received for funding in the assigned time frame.
• Communicate with stakeholders and underwriters to ensure uniformity on compliance documents.
• Make logical and prudent decisions involving the verification of documents.
• Communicate with the credit union to review loan terms.

Loan Processor
Home Bank, Fort Worth, TX
• Amended the mortgage and general loan policies and brought them in line with USPAP and HMDA.
• Developed a comprehensive loan tracking system that led to a 20% decrease in manual loan tracking efforts.
• Made some valuable recommendations to facilitate clients, which led to updating the bank’s policy and procedure manual regarding the mortgage.
• Developed a highly comprehensive promotional booklet featuring all the loan services offered by the company along with down payment and installment plans.

B.S. Degree in Economics and Finance
The UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, Fort Worth, TX – 2011

Loan Processor Resume Sample 2 (Less Experience)

Donna Parker
773 Sunset Drive
Kailua Kona, HI 52471
Contact #
Email Address


To obtain a position as a Loan Processor with HI Financials, utilizing knowledge in the loan processing field. Eager to develop a lasting relationship with the firm.

• 2+ years’ hands-on experience in providing loan processing services.
• Profound expertise in verifying and validating loan information and submission to underwriters.
• Highly skilled in following processes and procedures when maintaining liaison with loan originators.
• Experienced in tracking a loan application from its inception point to its maturity.
• Adept at collecting statistical data and preparing relevant periodical reports.
• Proficient in managing between 20 and 25 loans per day efficiently.

• Worked on a loan tracking system that checks loan applications for factual errors from the very beginning until the realization of the loan.
• Obtained appreciation letters from many clients.


Loan Processor
(Oct 2020 – Present)
• Open loan files when a request comes in
• Verify and validate initial information at the inception of the loan
• Check for accuracy after the loan originator completes the disclosure package
• Collect statistical data and prepare monthly reports
• Maintain ledgers on individual accounts
• Troubleshoot issues related to credit reports, surveys, and appraisals

CITY SCHOOL, Kailua Kona, HI, 2008

• MS Word, Excel, and different loan processing software
• Working knowledge of DU and LP automated underwriting systems

• Familiar with FHA and conventional guiding lines
• Good problem-solving skills
• Detail oriented
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Demonstrated a high degree of confidentiality

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