Loan Processor Job Description

Loan processors work in different industries such as banking and mortgage but essentially, they provide the same service. They pose as a contact between borrowers and lenders and ensure that all procedures and processes are followed appropriately when managing a loan. They provide borrowers with information on how they can acquire loans and manage pay-back calculations for them.

One of the first things that a loan processor does is take information from a client looking for a loan. This information includes the client’s need for a loan and pay-back capability. Once this is verified, a loan processor researches the best avenue and method for borrowing money from a financial company and eventually finalizes the details. People who have keen knowledge of the financial industry are usually hired at this position. Since there is a lot of communication that needs to go on between the borrower and the loan processor, employers want that the people they hire are great at communicating – this helps in lowering the chances of incorrect information being passed on.

Loan Processor Resume! Objective or Professional Summary?

A loan processor’s resume contains different sections with some bullet phrases under each section. The top section of your resume contains objective, profile or summary. An objective statement is suitable for entry and mid level professionals while a profile or professional summary is useful for highly experienced candidates.

Following are some examples of resume objectives for a loan processor that you may use as a sample to write your own.


Sample Objectives for a Loan Processor Resume


• Looking for a position as a Loan Processor with Bay Equity utilizing diverse experience of mortgage loan processing to provide both the company and its clients with the best in loan solutions

• Seeking a Loan Processor position with Finance Factor using expertise in determining clients’ loan needs and preparing solutions to meet those needs

• Desire a Loan Processor position at Park Bank. Offering expertise in providing loan services to the bank’s clients using knowledge of loan structures and interest calculations along with understanding of eligibility verification

Objectives for Entry Level Candidates

• To work as a Loan Processor with CompuGain utilizing knowledge of verifying clients’ eligibility and processing loans in accordance to the company’s policies in a time-efficient manner

• To obtain employment as a Loan Processor with HomeStreet Bank. Bringing competency in analyzing applicants, verifying documentation and processing loans can be used to benefit both clients and the company