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Customs Officer Job Description and Duties for Resume

Customs Officer Job Description Customs officers work for government departments in order to ensure that banned items do not enter the country and to streamline incoming and outgoing shipments. They are usually stationed at airports, train stations, and other places where passengers from other countries land/enter. The ability to determine trouble, and explore incidents is… Read More »

Sheriff Interview Questions and Answers

A sheriff’s job is to enforce the law at the county level. Supervising a force of deputies is also the main work of a sheriff. He or she performs training sessions at police academies and training facilities.   Before you appear in the Sheriff interview, make sure that you know what the work is all… Read More »

Entry Level Juvenile Probation Officer Resume No Experience

An entry-level position as a juvenile probation officer will require you to create a resume to impress a hiring manager enough so that he or she gives you an interview chance. As a Juvenile Probation Officer, with no experience in hand, you will have to depend on your skills and knowledge of the work.  … Read More »