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Invoice Processor Job Description

Position Overview An invoice processor is hired by accounting departments to organize and complete duties such as implementing invoice procedures, archiving invoice data, and handling requests. These individuals need to possess a background in handling accounting procedures, with special focus on the invoicing part of the work. As an invoice processor, it is your responsibility… Read More »

Junior Loan Processor Resume Sample

Do you know how hiring managers separate good resumes from bad ones? They spend 5 seconds scanning each resume and then pile them under considerable and non-considerable piles.  Make sure that the resume you send can easily be scanned in this little time and be considered a good match for the employer’s requirements. Here is… Read More »

Loan Processor Job Description and Duties for Resume

Loan Processor Job Description As the title suggests, a loan processor is someone who helps clients obtain a loan from a financial organization. Loan processors work with mortgage companies, banks, and independent lending organizations. Typically, they are required to possess a background in finance so that they can understand the logistics of lending money and payback… Read More »