Homemaker Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: December 26, 2021
Homemaker Job Description

Working in both a private capacity and with companies that provide home care services, homemakers offer general household management and housekeeping services to clients and facility residents.

They are hired to manage an entire household or a care facility in terms of cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, preparing meals and snacks, and shopping for groceries.

In some cases, homemakers are also expected to provide sitting services for children, older adults, or people who are unable to look after themselves.

Essentially, homemakers are required to ensure that a household runs smoothly at all times. They may do this by providing that all domestic chores are done in a time-efficient manner and that the home budget is efficiently maintained.

They may be expected to pay bills and manage day-to-day expenses and ensure that any other financial matters that they are made responsible for are carried out efficiently.

Furthermore, Homemakers are responsible for looking after children if their employer demands it. These duties may include feeding, bathing, and dressing them.

For a greater insight into the duties of a homemaker, you may refer to the following list of responsibilities that people working at this position are required to perform.

These statements are useful for candidates to build a resume and prepare for the interview. On the other hand, recruiters can use these statements to advertise a homemaker job successfully.

 Common Duties and Responsibilities for a Homemaker Resume

• Perform basic household tasks including cooking, errands-running, laundry, cleaning, and maintenance
• Plan and cook meals according to the family’s personal preferences while keeping nutrition values in mind
• Decorate homes to create an inviting environment for owners
• Dust and mop floors and wash down bathrooms
• Wash windows and clean doors
• Dust surfaces and furniture
• Vacuum and wash carpets on a periodic basis
• Perform upkeep and minor repairs of the house
• Wash dishes and flatware and organize family belongings appropriately
• Ensure food portion control (in case of working in a facility)
• Create shopping lists and purchase groceries and other household items
• Maintain budgets by developing and overseeing the expenditure
• Pay house bills and keep a record of credit payments
• Oversee children by feeding, bathing, grooming, and dressing them
• Assist children with homework and recreational activities
• Organize social activities and facilitate playdates
• Run errands to the post office, bank, or car cleaners
• Report unsafe conditions to prevent hazards
• Provide personal assistance to the elderly by helping in feeding, toileting, and walking
• Iron clothes and ensure that they are folded neatly and put away properly