Top 20 Homemaker Skills for Resume

Updated on: December 20, 2023

Any successful homemaker possesses a multitude of skills that they must efficiently utilize to manage their household. From traditional tasks such as cooking and cleaning to unexpected ones like home repairs and budgeting, a homemaker’s role is multi-faceted and vital to the smooth functioning of a home.

Crafting a compelling resume can seem challenging especially when your job doesn’t fit into the usual corporate mold. However, being a homemaker involves myriad responsibilities that require impressive skills, that many employers would appreciate.

So whether you’re looking to transform your experiences as a homemaker into a professional pursuit, or wanting to showcase the array of skills you’ve developed over years of running a household, this guide is for you.

Listed below are the top 20 skills that are integral to the homemaker role and add significant value to your resume. Knowing and articulating these skills can enhance the impact of your resume, highlight your versatility, and give you an advantage in your future career pursuits.

20 Sample Skills for Homemaker Resume

1. Organization: Maintaining schedules, overseeing household orders, and coordinating events.

2. Time Management: Balancing numerous tasks and deadlines efficiently.

3. Budgeting: Establishing and adhering to a household budget, showcasing financial planning skills.

4. Problem-solving: Handling daily unexpected issues, showing adaptability and forward thinking.

5. Multitasking: Juggling multiple tasks and seeing them through from beginning to end.

6. Communication: Excellent verbal and writing skills for rearing children and interfacing with various vendors or service providers.

7. Decision-making: Often need to make judgment calls in the interest of the family members.

8. Teamwork: Running a household requires collaboration with others to get tasks completed.

9. Project Management: Overseeing complex projects (home repairs, events) showcases the ability to handle professional tasks.

10. Cooking: This doesn’t just mean preparing food; it can showcase creativity, nutrition understanding, and shopping savvy.

11. Cleaning: Demonstrates discipline, attention to detail, and efficiency.

12. Patient Care: Whether caring for children or elderly family members, the ability to provide health support is valuable.

13. Negotiation: Whether it’s bargaining with vendors or settling children’s disputes, negotiation is a key skill honed as a homemaker.

14. Flexibility/Adaptability: Changes and obstacles require rapid reaction and plan revisions.

15. Creativity: Crafting, redecorating, or designing activities for children demonstrates innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

16. Resilience: The ability to manage stress, and criticism, and bounce back from adversities.

17. Conflict Resolution: Useful in managing differences and ensuring a harmonious family environment.

18. Empathy: Caring for family involves understanding and responding to their emotional needs.

19. Basic Digital Skills: Comfort with digital tools, emails, calendars, etc.

20. Motivation: Managing a home requires self-starting, persistence, and enthusiasm.

How to Write Skills for a Homemaker Resume?

Writing skills for a homemaker resume doesn’t differ too much from writing for a standard resume. Yet, because homemaking skills might not align with typical job descriptions, you have to position them properly. Here are some steps to guide you.

1. Identify Your Key Skills:

First, review the list of homemaker skills and identify the ones you are proficient in. Don’t limit yourself to just these 20 skills. If you think you are skilled in an area not mentioned here, feel free to add it to your list.

2. Refer to the Job Description:

If you’re applying to a specific job, carefully review the job description. Look for skills the employer is seeking and see how your homemaker skills overlap. Aligning your skills with the job description boosts your chances as it shows you have what the employer needs.

3. Quantify Where Possible:

Numbers help employers picture the impact you can make. So, if there is a way to quantify your achievements as a homemaker, do so. For example, “Managed a yearly household budget of $20,000,” or “Prepared nutritious meals for 5 family members daily.”

4. Highlight Transferrable Skills:

Drawing parallels between your homemaker role and professional roles is vital. For example, ‘organization’ and ‘project management’ skills can be applicable to office administration. Likewise, ‘negotiation’ and ‘communication’ may be important in customer service roles.

5. Showcase Soft Skills:

Don’t ignore soft skills. They can make a real difference. As a homemaker, you undoubtedly possess many notable soft skills – resilience, empathy, motivation – all of which are highly valued in the workplace.

6. Position the Skills Strategically:

Start your resume with a skills summary to grab attention. Then, pepper examples of these skills throughout the remainder of your resume, particularly in the job description and accomplishments sections.

By taking these steps, your homemaker resume will not only exhibit a broad range of skills but also highlight how they can be valuable in a professional setting. Remember, integrity and honesty are essential. Only list the skills you genuinely possess and can exemplify.

Final Thought

Never underestimate the power of homemaker skills. They showcase your capability to handle responsibility, multitask, and provide care—all fundamental attributes in the work environment. Leveraging these skills in your resume can convince potential employers of your effectiveness and adaptability in a variety of professional situations.