Top 6 Companion Resume Objectives Examples

Updated November 22, 2020
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Do you know about the little excerpt at the top of your resume, right after your contact information? It is called an objective statement and it is certainly not there for decorative purposes.

A resume objective serves a great purpose and that is to set the path that the rest of the resume will tread on. Many job seekers do not bother writing a resume objective simply because they believe it is just adornment and can be done without. The truth is that a resume that begins with a block of concrete information such as education or qualifications is considered too “in your face”.

The objective is important for one very important reason – it serves as an ice breaker between the job seeker and the hiring manager, making it easy for the latter to determine what the former can do for him in terms of work. So even if the hiring manager does not bother reading the rest of the resume in detail, he can simply judge the jobseeker by reading the objective.

Needless to say, resume objectives need to be entities in themselves. They need to be complete with concrete information in them. Additionally, they need to be specific to the job that one is applying for – one size does not fit all! For examples of the different ways a resume objective can be written, have a look at the following:

6 Best Sample Career Objectives for Companion Resume

1. Seeking a position as a Companion with Innoage utilizing expertise in performing basic household tasks such as running errands and cleaning to assist the clients in the activities of daily living.

2. Looking for a Companion position at Right At Home to leverage expertise in providing bedside care to clients, planning and cooking meals according to homeowners’ specific tastes, and handling cleaning and maintenance activities of the household.

3. Enthusiastic to work for Hosparus as a Companion to provide home care assistance by employing expertise in planning and cooking meals, taking into consideration house members’ specific nutritional needs, along with ensuring home security and privacy.

4. To work as a Companion at AA Co applying proficiencies in providing home care assistance to perform household tasks and provide companionship to homeowners.

5. To obtain employment as a Companion or Homemaker leveraging expertise in handling household work including errands-running, cleaning and cooking, and laundry.

6. Seeking a Homemaker position with Homes R Us to apply skills in handling household duties including cooking and cleaning, along with ensuring that the household is run smoothly. Deeply familiar with providing care to children aged between 2 and 10 and companionship to the elderly.