Top 6 Homemaker Resume Objective Examples

Updated: July 7, 2021

It is not your skills or qualifications that become the first deciding factor in hiring you. It is the resume objective.

True, objectives for homemaker resumes have limited information to offer, but they do have an advantage over other sections in a resume. And that advantage is the fact that they are read first.

First impressions last and as the very first lines that hiring managers read, resume objectives can make a positive impact to impress or a negative one to deflect the hiring manager’s interest.

Homemaker resume objectives need to be complete and concrete in the information that they provide. When you write one, you will have to make sure that you do not put in anything but relevant information.

Relevant information pertains to the information that is particular to the job description of the position that you are applying for. You cannot write just anything. It has to be specific for your resume to be considered a successful one.

Each resume that you prepare should have a different/dedicated resume objective. If you are applying for 15 jobs, you will need to write 15 different resume objectives.

Generalizations do not work anymore; in fact, they are considered a complete turn-off. Objectives based on concrete information and those that do not show any grammar, spellings, or syntax errors work significantly.

Here is a list of possible resume objectives that a homemaker can use on his or her resume:

6 Best Sample Objectives for Homemaker Resume

1. Results-driven and energized Homemaker seeking a position with Comfort Keepers to provide the benefit of a friendly nature and the ability to handle housework such as housekeeping and laundry efficiently.

2. Top-performing Homemaker poised to contribute to ABC Company by using expertise in providing companionship to clients, assisting them with daily tasks, and providing dedicated round-the-clock physical and emotional care.

3. Strong desire to work as a Homemaker for Samaritan Bethany. Offers 2+ years’ track record of providing support with housework and preparing healthy meals and snacks according to instructions.

4. To contribute as a Homemaker to Home Senior Care. Employing proficiency in handling both housework and providing companionship and physical support to clients.

5. To obtain a Homemaker position at Sava Senior Care. Bringing a strong ability to perform home management tasks including dusting, vacuuming, and laundry. Efficiently reports changes in clients’ mental or physical conditions to family members or healthcare professionals.

6. Seeking a Homemaker position at Homemakers. Offering three years’ hands-on experience in managing household budgets, handling clients’ shopping needs, and handling children to ensure their safety and wellbeing.