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Warehouse Driver Resume Sample

To write an employer-focused resume for the position of warehouse driver, it is essential to understand the prospective employer’s expectations for the position fully. Once you have the understanding, all you need to do is to prioritize your job-specific skills and highlight them tactfully. This position demands a valid commercial driver’s license, exceptional driving skills… Read More »

Cab Driver Resume Example

Cab or taxi drivers are responsible for carrying individuals from one place to another. They usually roam the roads and can be hailed on sight by passengers wanting to be transported to a destination. Some cab drivers also work for companies that provide cabs for hire. Depending on each passenger’s individual transportation needs, he or she… Read More »

CDL Class A Driver Skills Resume Sample

A functional or skills-based resume is ideal for a driving position if you have less experience or changing your career path. It is a type of resume that focuses on the candidate’s skills instead of experience. Starting usually with a profile summary, the document states candidate’s qualifications, core competencies, and job-relevant skills in a clear and… Read More »

CDL Driver Resume Sample

A CDL driver position is quite challenging and requires extreme physical stamina. In addition to a CDL, the position requires a high level of alertness, a great sense of responsibility, and exceptional eye-hand dexterity. Since a CDL driver is usually required to carry passengers, hazardous material, or a lot of heavy loads, the job creates extra… Read More »

Forklift Driver Resume Sample, Job Description & Skills

Working primarily in a warehouse capacity, forklift drivers perform many tasks by operating forklifts. On a typical workday, they load and unload materials onto pallets. This position demands extraordinary vigilance and alertness. It is their responsibility to make sure that they deliver materials in a safe and time-efficient manner, which is why many employers insist that… Read More »