Rental Car Driver Resume: Sample, Qualifications, Duties

Updated on: September 2, 2022
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A rental car driver drives a car that is let out on rent. Their work is not much different than one who drives any other vehicle. The only difference is that he or she may be expected to drive different vehicles on different days.

The work can be fun for people who love the great outdoors and prefer staying on the roads, rather than behind a desk.

A rental car driver resume is the first step of your job-hunting process. If written with care, it can open the doors to highly-paid jobs.

It must be remembered that you only have one chance to impress a hiring manager through the resume. Therefore, make sure that your resume speaks volumes for you.

Here is a sample rental car driver resume that you can look through:

Sample Resume for Rental Car Driver Position

Liberty Dakota
23 Mill Road, Allentown, PA37463
(000) 999-9999


Highly experienced car driver with exceptionally well-placed talents in driving rental cars to and from destinations, placing special focus on excellent customer services and passenger safety. Deeply familiar with repairing and maintaining assigned cars ensuring that they remain in good working order.

• Introduced the concept of using Google Maps, reducing the time to destinations by 80%.
• Implemented a core preventative maintenance system, which increased the vehicle’s life by a considerable time.
• Successfully handled 5 pick-ups and drops back to back, within the time frame of 4 hours.
• Trained 10 other rental car drivers in handling route mapping and navigation activities.

✓ Passenger Safety ✓ Customer Service
✓ Initial Inspections ✓ Repairs
✓ Preventative Maintenance ✓ Detailing
✓ Route Mapping ✓ Reports Generation
✓ Emergency Handling ✓ Paperwork Management
✓ Road Rules ✓ Navigation


Rental Car Driver
Drivers’ Inc., Allentown, PA 
May 2018 – Present
• Look through work orders to determine the day’s passenger pick-ups and time self accordingly.
• Chart out short and safe routes to destinations, and drive on the same routes to endpoints.
• Provide assistance to passengers by helping them to embark and disembark from the car.
• Assist passengers in placing their luggage and taking it out at endpoints.
• Provide passengers with information regarding the fare.
• Take and process cash and credit card transactions.
• Keep in constant touch with dispatchers to provide them with information on pick-ups and drops.
• Perform both regular and preventative maintenance on assigned rental cars according to schedule.
• Create and submit logs of daily passenger hauls, in accordance with preset instructions.

Al’s Car Barn, Allentown, PA
Jan 2012 – May 2018
• Cleaned cars from the inside and the outside by performing vacuuming, buffing, and washing activities.
• Changed fluids such as break oils, according to set schedules for each car.
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance on assigned cars to keep them in ship-shape.
• Handled car parking duties, ensuring that all assigned cars were parked in the right spots.
• Created and maintained lists of detailing work performed on each assigned vehicle.

High School Diploma
Allentown High School, Allentown, PA – 2009

6 Rental Car Driver Qualifications

  1. Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is considered sufficient to work as a rental car driver.
  2. Previous experience, of course, goes a long way in helping you secure a job as one.
  3. You have to possess a valid driver’s license in the state where you intend to work, and you should not have a bad driving record.
  4. As a rental car driver, you will have to be exceptionally talented in navigating routes to destinations and should know how to make good use of standard maps and GPS.
  5. You will need to be polite and patient, as you may have to wait for specified periods when picking up or dropping off passengers.
  6. Knowledge of performing preventative and regular maintenance on cars.

14 Typical Duties for Rental Car Driver

  1. Look through work orders to determine the day’s passenger picking and dropping activities.
  2. Chart appropriate routes on both standard maps, and the GPS, and choose the shortest and safest routes to destinations.
  3. Check the assigned rental car to ensure that it is in good working order, and capable of running the assigned route.
  4. Inspect cars to ensure that they are clean and perform any detailing work required.
  5. Drive cars to destinations, using the charted-out route, ensuring that all safety standards are maintained.
  6. Pick up passengers from their homes, offices, and other locations, and assist them with their luggage.
  7. Provide assistance to passengers with special needs, by helping them in and out of the car.
  8. Drop passengers off at their required destinations.
  9. Provide passengers will fare information.
  10. Collect fare from passengers
  11. Tender change and receipts according to set protocols.
  12. Provide dispatchers with information on completed passenger hauls and obtain new information regarding passenger pick-up.
  13. Perform regular and preventative maintenance and repair on assigned cars.
  14. Communicate any serious repair issues to the fleet supervisor.