As the designation suggests, train drivers drive both cargo and passenger trains from a point of origin to a destination. Train drivers are required to follow a specified schedule and may have to make several stopovers before they drive the assigned train to its destination. They are usually provided with a schedule which they have to follow; some train drivers are also provided with information on best possible routes.

There is no bigger qualification than patience and an inborn love for driving a train engine for long periods of time. With just a high school diploma or a GED, it is easy to obtain a job as a train driver provided you qualify for the driving and maintenance tests. For people who are interested in acquiring work as train drivers, the following resume example may hold some interest.


Train Driver Resume Example


Jordan Blake

66 Tracewood Road, Jackson, TN 66111
(999) 999-9999, Email


Extroverted, competent train driver with eleven years of extensive experience working on railroads around the country. Inherent passion of driving both freight and passenger trains with a keen ability to chart out appropriate routes. Hands on experience of handling mechanical and electric problems with train engines owing to extensive training and experience in performing troubleshooting activities.


• Handled a particularly daunting troubleshooting problem with a steam engine of a train being deported to another county by employing knowledge of steam engines, thereby avoiding a possible accident
• Prevented a probable accident of passenger train travelling in the opposite direction by informing the control room of a railroad hazard
• Trained railroad staff for five consecutive years for deployment in three states
• Streamlined control room efforts by introducing the concept of “Accurate Communications” with the aid of novel communication devices


Train Driver | Volks Railways, Jackson, TN | June 2003 – Present

• Drive both passenger and cargo trains to destinations
• Ensure that each stopover is managed in a time-efficient manner
• Check train engine and equipment to ensure en route safety
• Ensure safety of both passengers and cargo onboard
• Follow appropriate signal instructions and keep in constant touch with the control room
• Take instructions from the control room regarding route selection and notification of hazards
• Make passenger announcements and control automatic doors
• Ensure that staff follows safety instructions in accordance to the company’s protocols
• Maintain logbooks of any delays or problems along the route

Trainee Driver | Keiwit Railway Company, Jackson, TN | Jan 2002 – May 2003

• Assisted the train driver in maneuvering train engines along specified routes
• Ensured proper fuelling of engine and assisted in handling maintenance tasks
• Made sure that any problems are reported to the engineer or the driver in a timely manner
• Made stopover announcements and provided passenger instructions over the announcement system
• Provided train driver with schedule information


Diploma: Jackson High School – 2001