Pizza Delivery Driver Resume Sample [+Job Description & Skills]

Updated on: April 29, 2023
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A pizza delivery driver picks up pizzas from the franchise, loads pizza containers, and delivers pizzas and related products by driving a vehicle such as a light truck, van, car, or bike. They may be required to collect cash at the premises of the customer.

Pizza delivery drivers must be familiar with the routes and shortcuts to reach their destination quickly.

You may be an excellent candidate for the pizza delivery driver job, but if your resume doesn’t say so, you will not be deemed a good choice. Sufficient white space, easy-to-read language, and standard font sizes make resumes stand out.

The following resume sample for a pizza delivery driver position will help you create your resume:

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Pizza Delivery Driver Resume Example

Jose Miller
412 Brenot Street
Blissfield, MI 41985
(000) 121-9999


Passionate delivery driver with 8+ years of hands-on experience in delivering food and pizzas in a safe and timely manner. A friendly professional who excels in customer service and relationship building. Exceptional talent for planning short and safe routes to destinations to save time and deliver pizza orders in a time-efficient manner. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Route Mapping • Order Preparation
• Calls Handling • Vehicle Maintenance
• Customer Service • Cash Management
• Complaint Handling • Rotating Shift-friendly
• Payment Reconciliation • POS System Operations
• Order Safety • GPS

• Delivered 10+ orders on time safely despite bad weather conditions.
• Singlehandedly prepared and delivered big order of 20 large pizzas for a party.
• Handled preventative and regular maintenance on delivery vehicles, saving operational costs by $2000 per month.
• Won “Best Employee Award” being to exceptional customer service provision and continually meeting delivery deadlines.


Pizza Delivery Driver
Papa John’s, Blissfield, MI
2019 – Present
• Respond to customers’ queries over the phone and took and recorded their orders.
• Ensure that all delivery order information such as the name of the customer and address is properly jotted down.
• Relay orders to the kitchen area after providing a delivery timeline to customers.
• Assist in preparing and packing orders and include condiments with them.
• Map routes to customers’ homes or offices using GPS to determine short and safe courses.
• Drive delivery vehicles to destinations and deliver pizzas to customers.
• Provide receipt in exchange for payment received and provide change.
• Contact the manager to provide information on on-time pizza deliveries.
• Ensure overall repair and maintenance of the delivery vehicle.
• Park the delivery vehicle in the correct docking space at the end of each shift.

Food Preparer and Handler
Pizza Hut, Blissfield, MI 
2014 – 2019
• Prepared food items such as meats, vegetables, and fruits by cutting, chopping, and cubing them.
• Baked pizza dough by following express instructions of the chef.
• Submitted received payments into the restaurant POS system accurately and efficiently.
• Drove pizza vans on dedicated routes by using a solid sense of direction.
• Maintained an acceptable driving record during the five years of pizza delivery work.
• Ensured that appropriate toppings are placed on each prepared pizza.
• Set ovens at proper baking temperatures and place pizzas and other dishes inside.
• Removed pizza and assured that it was delivered to customers promptly.
• Ensured the overall cleanliness and sanitization of work areas.

High School Diploma
City High School, Blissfield, MI – 2008

Pizza Delivery Driver Job Description for Resume

  • Perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections of the vehicle.
  • Assist pizza makers, chefs, and kitchen staff with light prep work.
  • Make boxes and organize the delivery section of the company.
  • Pack pizzas and related products and deliver them to customers’ places such as homes and offices.
  • Collect cash and coupons from customers and receive signatures with necessary verification of ID from the credit card account.
  • Drive personal or employee-owned vehicles using GPS to deliver pizza on time.
  • Promote pizza products and promotional materials such as door hangers.
  • Sell pizzas and products over popular routes.
  • Document and keep a record of information on pick-ups and deliveries, automobile mileage, fuel costs, and any problems encountered.
  • Communicate with the central pizza office by using a cellular phone.
  • Collect payment for delivered pizzas.
  • Prepare pizzas, wash dishes, operate pizza oven, sweep floors, and carry out closing tasks per company standards.

Pizza Delivery Driver Skills for Resume

Hard Skills

  • Answering phones
  • Greeting customers
  • Taking pizza orders
  • Computerized POS
  • Assisting kitchen staff
  • Pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspection
  • Recording information
  • Reporting any incidents
  • GPS navigation to read a map
  • Finding the shortest routes
  • Locating addresses
  • Road safety awareness
  • Cash handling and reconciliation
  • Making delivery schedules
  • Cross-selling
  • Payments Processing
  • Paperwork

Soft Skills

  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Detail-oriented
  • High level of stamina and physical fitness
  • Calm temperament
  • Friendly disposition
  • Clean driving record
  • Road Safety
  • Valid driver’s license, insurance, and reliable vehicle
  • Keen sense of direction
  • Basic math skills
  • Enthusiasm for learning new things
  • Multitasking
  • Positive image projection
  • Relationship building