Medical Driver Resume Sample

Updated: October 4, 2017

Despite writing a dozen resumes, we often get a bit jittery when writing the next one.

This is perhaps due to the fact that a Medical Driver resume is supposed to provide accurate and apt information of an individual’s professional standing, and if you cannot make that happen, you are in trouble.

Have a look at the following resume sample for ideas:




Medical Driver Resume Example



Henry Folks

12 Yale Road, North Las Vegas, NV 19902
(000) 965-8854 | henryfolks @ email . com


Dependable and highly organized Driver with over 7 years of experience in driving both emergency and non-emergency medical units such as vans and transits. Demonstrated expertise in ensuring that patients, documents, and specimens are delivered safely and in a timely manner.

Successful track record of transporting patients, documents and lab samples utilizing company vehicles, in a safe and professional manner. Effectively communicates with dispatch teams regarding schedule progress, and to receive instructions.


✓ Vehicle Operations ✓ Safety Measures ✓ Map Routing
✓ Emergency Handling ✓ Dispatch Liaison ✓ Wheelchair Operations
✓ Traffic Navigation ✓ Patient Safety ✓ Documents Handling
✓ Headquarter Contact ✓ Patient Assistance ✓ Safe Patient Transit
✓ Pre-trip Inspections ✓ Preventative Maintenance ✓ Customer Service


• Saved over 50 patients during several emergency situations, by timely transporting them to hospitals.
• Introduced the idea of performing preventative maintenance on company vehicles, reducing chances of breakdowns by 85%.
• Implemented a dispatch liaison system, which was considered 50% more efficient than the one already in use.
• Trained 15 medical drivers in driving emergency vehicles, as part of their induction program.


Medical Driver
Taylor Transports, North Las Vegas, NV | 8/2012 – Present
• Take and comprehend work orders for each day, and make preparations to follow them.
• Assist medical teams in comfortably placing patients in vans and transits, and ensuring that they are safely buckled in.
• Ascertain that any documents or lab samples that need to be transported are properly and safely stacked within the assigned vehicle.
• Perform pre-trip inspections on assigned vehicles to ensure that they are in good working order.
• Map routes on the GPS or by using standard maps, ensuring that the shortest and safest route to destination is determined.
• Safely drive assigned vehicles to predetermined destinations, ensuring the safety of all on-board at all times.
• Ascertain that all documents and lab specimens are safely delivered, and that receipts are obtained.
• Perform both preventative and regular maintenance on assigned vehicles, and communicate any issues to the supervisor.

Medical Driver Helper
A Team Dispatchers, North Las Vegas, NV | 7/2010 – 8/2012
• Assisted medical teams in placing patients inside vans and transits, keeping their security in mind.
• Provided assistance in securing documents and specimens within the vehicle.
• Helped medical drivers in mapping short and safe routes to destinations using maps and the GPS.
• Delivered specimens and documents to destinations, and ensured that receipts were obtained.
• Assisted drivers in performing both preventative and scheduled maintenance on assigned vehicles.

North Las Vegas High School, North Las Vegas, NV – 2009
High School Diploma