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Drafter Job Description for Resume

Job Description for Drafter Resume • Confer with architects and engineers to obtain information regarding the product and structural requirements and designs.• Calculate dimensions, and weight limitations, and ensure that the right types of materials are suggested.• Assist in laying out production methods in a step-by-step fashion, including information about equipment and software that needs… Read More »

Drafter Resume Sample

The work of a drafter involves converting the designs of engineers and architects into technical drawings and plans. They specialize in many areas, such as architecture, civil, electrical, and mechanical drafting, and usually work in construction companies. Your resume says a lot about what you are capable of in a professional sense. Here is a… Read More »

7 Draftsman Resume Objective Examples

Significance of an Objective Statement A resume objective motivates the hiring manager to read your resume. Here’s why: When a hiring manager starts reading your resume, he or she does not know who you are. If the objective statement is good, they will read the rest of the resume. There must be something here to… Read More »

CAD Drafter Resume Sample

A computer-aided design drafter or CAD drafter basically makes drawings and layouts using computer-based software. One of the most popular software used by these is AutoCAD. The position may be hired in the field of architecture, aeronautics, or electronics. Irrespective of the field, the major role of a CAD drafter is to produce computerized designs… Read More »

CAD Drafter Cover Letter Sample

Writing an effective cover letter for a CAD drafter position is becoming more and more challenging by the day. That is because employers receive many applications for one position. To win an interview, your CAD Drafter cover letter must convince the employer that you are the ideal candidate for the position in question. In order… Read More »

5 Drafter Resume Objective Examples

Drafters work in the construction arena where their main job is to draft designs by hand and computer upon which construction workers construct residential and commercial buildings. Drafters create floor plans, elevations, and other aspects of a building before the construction process begins in order to assist clients with design solutions. They work with software… Read More »

Drafter Cover Letter Sample

There are many options one can take as a drafter the most popular one being that of a CAD Drafter. Drafters prepare technical plans and drawings upon which construction workers build machinery and buildings. If you are a drafter looking for a job in this demanding profession, you may want to make use of the… Read More »