Drafter Job Description for Resume

Updated: December 12, 2021

Job Description for Drafter Resume

• Confer with architects and engineers to obtain information regarding the product and structural requirements and designs.
• Calculate dimensions, and weight limitations, and ensure that the right types of materials are suggested.
• Assist in laying out production methods in a step-by-step fashion, including information about equipment and software that needs to be used.
• Create designs using CAD, ensuring that they are as detailed as possible and following instructions.
• Design diagrams, maps, and layouts, ensuring that the illustrated workflow is effective.
• Prepare shop drawings and fabrication instructions according to construction drawings.
• Prepare layouts for approved jobs, including sketches, cutting lists, and packing documents.
• Develop models and other detailed designs after consulting with engineers and architects.
• Ensure that clients, architects, and engineers approve all developed designs.
• Make arrangements for the dimensions of the equipment to be displayed correctly in all designs.
• Assist in building prototypes of new engineering designs, and create structures for product lines.

Drafter Qualifications

To work as a drafter, you have to possess a degree in drafting or design from a college.

In addition to formal education, you have to be able to understand complex drawings and maintain the ability to convert them into technical drawings that can be followed by construction personnel.

Use of technology such as computers and software made specifically for drafting purposes, such as CAD, is a virtue when working in this position.

A drafter needs to be an analytic individual, as he or she is required to determine designs systematically, and produce versions of them that are workable in a practical environment.

Apart from possessing these skills, it is vital for drafters to be detail-oriented, exercise diligence when working, and possess strong verbal and written communication skills.

Since most technical drawings are complicated to understand, a drafter who has exceptional communication abilities will be able to provide insight to clients and engineers, if they do not understand a particular aspect.