Top 5 AutoCAD Drafter Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: February 9, 2022

AutoCAD drafters are hired by various companies, usually architectural or civil based, in order to obtain computer Aided drafts of their plans.

In order to win an interview for the AutoCAD Drafter position, one needs to write an appealing objective statement for the resume.

If the objective is appealing and targeted, the employer will read on with great interest.

A winning objective statement for your AutoCAD resume needs to be tailored and mention some of your competencies.

The following are some winning objective examples, crafted in various formats follow for your guidance.

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AutoCAD Drafter Resume Objective Examples

1. To secure a position as an AutoCAD drafter at XYZ Builders where my skills in developing computer-aided plans, structural mathematics, and Autodesk will be utilized to bring exceptional results.

2. Seeking an AutoCAD Drafter position with ABC Company. Offers proficiency in 2D and 3D computer-based drafting, micro station, and surveyed legend formation to contribute to the success of the company.

3. To obtain an AutoCAD drafting position at ABC Company, utilizing skills in converting any given rough hand sketch into a computer drafted 3D or 2D masterpiece.

4. A highly effective and trained professional with 5+ years of solid experience in AutoCAD, Micro Station, Autodesk Series, and field analysis. Seeking work with Warren Equipment Company to bring perfection to its AutoCAD projects.

5. Industrious and resourceful AutoCAD drafter looking for work with XYZ Company. Bringing 4+ years of experience in computerized drafting using various latest AutoCAD tools and Micro station legends.

Final Thought

People usually consider adding an objective to their AutoCAD drafter resume if they are seeking an entry-level position or are going for a career switch.

In either of the above-mentioned cases, it is best to stick with the typical objective format, i.e. one-liner, stating the position being sought and skills being offered.

If however you are an experienced professional in the field and wish to add an objective to your resume, then it is recommended to opt for a summary-like objective that is more selling than a typical one.

Always remember, employers need to know what you have to offer and what you can do for them.

They don’t have time to read through your complete resume and try to develop relevance among your skills and their demands, so mention what you have to offer in your objective to make it more engaging.

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