5 Drafter Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: December 11, 2021

Drafters work in the construction arena where their main job is to draft designs by hand and computer upon which construction workers construct residential and commercial buildings.

Drafters create floor plans, elevations, and other aspects of a building before the construction process begins in order to assist clients with design solutions.

They work with software that is designed to assist them in creating meaningful drawings of how a construction project will look once completed.

They may also assist clients with shopping for fabrication materials to ensure that the type of material being used is of good quality and will generally gel in with their designs.

The following objective examples will provide you with an idea of how to write one for your resume when applying for a job as a drafter.

Sample Objectives for a Drafter Resume

1. Seeking a Drafter position with ABC Company, using proficiencies in AutoCad, In-Design, and SolidWorks, as well as in hand drawing designs to create and modify drawings in the most efficient way.

2. Detail-oriented Drafter seeking employment at Construction Pro. Offering exceptional knowledge of assembly drawings in sync with AutoCAD and Civil 3D.

3. A Drafter position with Cooler Concepts, utilizing experience in creating meaningful construction designs through CAD and expertise in machining techniques crucial to construction projects.

4. To obtain employment as a Drafter with Meditech, using excellence in drawing layout plans for commercial construction projects.

5. To work as a Drafter for Cool Ridges. Bringing expertise in construction layout drawing with the assistance of computer software. Detail-oriented with strong organizational, negotiating and problem-solving skills.