Draftsman Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: August 3, 2016

Most entry level candidates and career changers are still not writing resume objectives on their resumes. This is because they do not know how important they are! A resume objective can mean the difference between the hiring manager reading your resume and not reading it. Here’s why:

When a hiring manager picks up your resume, he or she does not know who you are. He has to go through miles of resumes, so you need to help him a bit – let him know a little about you. You can do this through a resume objective. If an employer sees a good, friendly line at the beginning, he’ll begin to relax, and start to feel as if he knows you just a little after all. And if the objective is a good one, he’ll read the rest of the resume.
How do you write a resume objective? Well, you have to let the person reading know what you are all about. What your work is all about. What you want to do, work-wise, over the long term. And you have to do it all in one sentence.


There must be something here to start you off! Just be careful of the following:

• Focus on the industry
• Be concise – it has to be one sentence, but don’t make it an overly long one. A couple of lines will do
• No flowery language, please

Here is a list of resume objectives for a draftsman that you can take help from:

Draftsman Resume Objective Examples

• Seeking a position as a Draftsman at Global Architects, bringing exceptional skills in architectural drawing to the table.

• Desire a Draftsman position at Lloyd and Samson. Offering expertise and experience in CAD, along with manual drafting and proficiency in handling materials, dimensions and procedures.

• To attain a position as a Draftsman at Boyd Crissom and Sons. Offers outstanding adeptness in circuitry drafting and design as well as materials, dimensions and procedures.

• To work as a Draftsman with Craig Drogold Circuitry Planning, employing deep insight into circuitry design as well as exceptional proficiency with CAD and proficiencies in selecting materials and procedures.

• Seeking a position as Draftsman at Worldwide Architectural design. Bringing a track record in using CAD as well as manual drafting.

• Hoping to obtain a position as Draftsman with Roy Grant Engineering using expertise in CADD, and exceptional insight of circuitry and architecture.