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Carpenter Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

Anything that has had a significant impact on a company or carpentry project is an accomplishment. A carpenter’s resume looks great if it hosts a string of achievements. By going through a list of your accomplishments as a carpenter, a hiring manager can make informed decisions to hire you. In the achievements or accomplishments section… Read More »

Scaffolder Resume Sample and Template

Scaffolders are an integral part of any construction project. Thus, their resume needs to be excellently written so that a hiring manager can determine what the applicant is capable of doing. In your resume for a scaffolder position, it is imperative to concentrate on your experience in putting up and taking down scaffolding at construction… Read More »

Best 5 Handyman Resume Summary Examples

A handyman is a very important person in many instances, including the construction arena, and domestic work. Hence, it is imperative for a handyman to present himself in the best light possible. This can be done through the handyman resume summary. When writing a resume summary statement for a handyman position, make sure that you… Read More »

Best Construction Apprentice Resume Sample

A construction apprentice must write a resume to apply for the position, so as to learn construction work in detail. In the resume, make sure that you highlight your interest in the work, and skills in learning the ropes. Your construction apprentice resume should essentially emphasize your ability to perform construction assistance work such as… Read More »

Construction Apprentice Cover Letter Sample

Working as a construction apprentice is the first step to making a solid career in construction work. But to obtain this position, you must write a cover letter to express your interest in the role. Typically, a construction apprentice’s cover letter should highlight the individual’s interest in learning construction work. Prior knowledge of how the… Read More »

24 Brick Mason Skills and Qualifications for Resume

A skilled brick mason has a great chance of being hired. Therefore, it is important to write a resume that hosts a skills section. In the skills and/or qualifications section of your resume, be sure to mention your knowledge of the work primarily. Apart from general qualifications required by employers, it is important to list… Read More »