16 Year Old Cover Letter Example

Updated on: January 5, 2022

So you are a high school student or just finished high school, and you are confused about the process of applying for a job.


It is difficult being a 16 year old and having to write your first ever cover letter.

There is not much experience to bank on, and you have never written an official document such as a cover letter before. 

While it may seem like one of the most harrowing moments, it does not have to be.

Hiring managers love job applicants who have a fresh approach to work as opposed to people who have the capability of imposing their terms because they are experienced.

Your lack of experience, in this case, is what will get you the job!

Organizing your thoughts is what matters here.

Ask yourself the following 3 questions:

  1. Why you are applying for a particular job?
  2. What makes you a good fit?
  3. What can you possibly contribute to the company that you are applying to?

Answering all these questions and organizing them as actual information on a cover letter is essential.

You may think that you have no qualifications yet, but if you look back, you will see that you actually do.

  1. Were you a star athlete who led a team?
  2. Did you surpass all expectations during school debates?

The type of skills and qualifications that you need to highlight depend on the position that you are applying for.

Take a look at an example:

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16 Year Old Cover Letter Sample

Jerry West
(000) 333-3333
[email protected]

January 5, 2022

Tyler Thatcher
Human Resources Manager
Gavin’s Super Market
764 Adams Street
Gary, IN 71635

Dear Mr. Thatcher:

I came across your advertisement for a Salesperson position at Gavin’s Super Market and would like to offer my services. I have recently taken my Advanced Levels exams, the result of which will be announced in August this year.

My exposure to the retail world involves a short stint (three months) at Macy’s where I worked as a sales representative during the summer vacation last year. I was greatly impressed with the many wheels that make the retail world move, and it was then that I decided that this is what I wanted to do. I believe that those three months were very insightful, especially since I learned the basics of customer services, retail management, and cashiering services.

Eventually, I would like to upgrade my education to where I can earn a bachelor’s degree in business studies so that I can understand the intricacies of the business world. At this point, I am confident that I can provide significant benefits to you in the form of an individual who has a positive outlook on the retail world, with some background in it as well.

My resume is enclosed for your perusal. I anticipate meeting with you soon to discuss your needs and my abilities further. I will call your office after a few days to ask for a mutually convenient meeting time and can be reached at (000) 333-3333.

Thank you very much for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jerry West

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