Cocktail Server Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 2, 2022

Cocktail servers are usually hired by bars and restaurants where their primary duty is to serve beverages to customers.

They need to be familiar with alcoholic drinks as they are sometimes required to answer customers’ questions about what they are being served.

Serving beverages is not all that cocktail servers do.

As part of their work, cocktail servers prepare and stockwork areas, clean tables, and assist in processing payments.

Cocktail servers serve as an intermediary between bartenders and customers, which is why much stress is placed on their customer service awareness.

Many employers require that the cocktail servers possess detailed information about the drinks that they serve.

This means that cocktail servers must know what ingredients a particular cocktail has and also possess knowledge of specific brands.

At locations where customers choose their beverages from a wine list, cocktail servers are required to be even more knowledgeable about various vintages and prices.

In many cases, cocktail servers also serve food items to customers.

Sample Duties for Cocktail Server Resume

• Greet customers as they arrive at bars and lounges

• Seat them and provide them with a food and beverages menu

• Provide customers with information on the day’s specials in food and beverages

• Suggest cocktails to customers and write down order information

• Repeat order to ensure the accuracy of the order

• Ensure that orders and table numbers coincide with each other to ensure accuracy

• Relay orders to the bar and the kitchen and make sure it is expedited

• Respond to requests for beverage information and practice up-selling activities

• Serve beverages and food items to customers after ensuring the accuracy of the order

• Ask customers if they would like additional beverages or snacks with their drinks

• Provide cashiers with billing information and take payment in exchange for services rendered

• Make sure that tables are cleared away and cleaned as soon as customers leave

• Clean and reset work area

• Ensure proper bar set up and break down each day

• Make sure that requirements are properly taken, especially where service to minors is concerned

• Identify and resolve any issues that customers may face during service

• Ask for customer identification to ensure that no minors are being served

• Make sure that napkins, glasses, and other table items are in stock and available before each shift


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