Cocktail Server Skills for Resume

Updated on: October 11, 2023

When applying for a cocktail server position, it’s crucial to highlight your skills that closely align with the job requirements. A well-crafted resume showcasing your expertise can significantly improve your chances of landing this exciting role.

In this article, we will outline the essential skills you should include in your cocktail server resume. These skills will not only demonstrate your qualifications but also showcase your ability to provide exceptional service in a fast-paced environment.

Remember, selecting around 5 to 6 skills that closely match the job description and emphasizing them on your resume will leave a lasting impression on potential employers.

So let’s dive in and explore the key skills that can help you stand out as a cocktail server candidate. Good luck with your application!

  1. Beverage and Food Service: Highly skilled in serving beverages and food in a polite and timely manner.
  2. Service Station Management: Exceptional talent for checking and maintaining appropriate set-up and sanitation of service stations.
  3. Customer Service: Proven record of greeting guests in a friendly and courteous way.
  4. Product Knowledge: Demonstrated ability to explain all specials, promotions, and snacks to customers.
  5. Table Service: Highly skilled in serving beverages to patrons in their designated area.
  6. Order Management: Adept at taking beverage orders and passing them on to the bartender.
  7. Presentation Skills: Competent at collecting the request from the bartender, adding proper garnish, and presenting on a tray.
  8. Accuracy and Efficiency: Able to take accurate and detailed orders and enter them into the point of sale system.
  9. Refill and Replenishment: Well-versed in replenishing beverages as requested by customers.
  10. Liquor Regulations: Knowledge of all state, federal, and corporate liquor regulations concerning serving beverages.
  11. Billing Management: Particularly useful in computing bills and processing payments for drink orders.
  12. Cleanliness and Organization: Capable of removing empty or dirty glasses, bottles, and ashtrays and returning them to the bar or kitchen.
  13. Upselling and Menu Knowledge: Proficient in upselling and suggestively selling menu items and specials.
  14. POS System and Codes: Well-versed with POS systems and familiar with food and beverage codes.
  15. Sanitation and Hygiene: Able to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of bar areas and service stations.
  16. Problem-solving: Efficiently find and solve guest problems.
  17. Teamwork: Eager to satisfy the needs of clients and co-workers in a fast-paced environment.

Remember to choose around 5 to 6 skills that closely match the job description and emphasize those on your resume.

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