Community Development Officer Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities

Updated on: April 2, 2022
Position Overview

Establishing and maintaining working relationships with volunteers, donors, and partners to bring about social change and improve the quality of life in a particular area is the responsibility of community development officers.

They work across many municipalities in a region; some may even be employed by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to support a particular cause.

The major part of a community development officer is to develop programs to promote education, recreation, health and housing, and job assistance.

At an advanced stage in their work activities, they are responsible for handling economic development and urban planning projects.

Community development officers are entrusted with many managerial responsibilities.

They assist in ensuring that the objectives of a development program are met and that the right employees are hired and trained for the various positions in a program.

Since community development is a vast concept that requires work to be done on several levels, let us see what a community development officer does at each:

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Community Development Officer Duties and Responsibilities

Administration Duties

• Coordinate and provide administrative support to a community development project

• Assist in handling the programs funding modules

• Prepare correspondence to customers, donors, and government authorities

• Document and file information and prepare and present presentations for community development programs

Customer Liaison Duties

• Engage participants to play an active role in developing strategic responses within the organization

• Liaison with parents, community groups, churches, and educational institutes to foster contribution awareness

• Create and maintain productive relationships with government departments, consultants, and contractors to meet work objectives on time

• Provide advice to participants along the lines of their specific areas of responsibilities

Project Management Duties

• Oversee the development and promotion of community development projects

• Develop action plans in synchronization with the organization’s strategic direction

• Initiate, develop and lead community projects

• Ensure that funding programs are created and implemented effectively

• Communicate and promote projects and events to stakeholders or interested parties

• Assist in planning and implementing concurrent projects, services, and events

Financial Management Duties

• Identify the need for funding and secure funding for programs and activities by coordinating with donors and sponsors

• Manage project budgets by ensuring they conform to the organization’s financial processes

• Assist in preparing and delivering grant proposals and agreements

Occupational Safety Duties

• Ensure that the organization’s health and safety plan is charted out

• Take responsibility for participants (and self) by ensuring that they follow health and safety protocols set by the organization

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