Secretary Reference Letter Sample

As part of your job hunt, you may be asked for a reference letter from your previous employer. This document is essential to increase your chances of employment. Candidates who have a good reference letter to their name have more chances to obtain a job.

References play an important role in assisting employers make important decisions as well. For positions that are personal in nature such as that of domestic staff or secretaries, reference letters are an absolute must as they provide credibility to an application. They state what an employee’s strengths are and how well he or she has coped with the pressures of work entrusted to them.

Typically, reference letters are positive in nature as they are designed to help candidates obtain a position. If you are interested in figuring out what a reference letter is all about, you may refer to the sample given below.


Secretary Reference Letter Sample


June 29, 2016


To Whom It May Concern

This letter is a strong recommendation for Julia Cobb who worked as a Secretary for Global Guzzlers from September 2005 to April 2016. During her tenure, she proved herself a dedicated and energetic individual who was ready to take new challenges.

Her duties were mainly administrative in nature as she provided support to a unit of executives in the company. During her first year at Global Guzzlers, Julia proved to be a great stickler for meeting deadlines. This ability alone had many executives putting in requests for her support work which goes a long way in extenuating her abilities. As a dependable and competent secretary, she always managed to handle her typing work with diligence and maintained her place as the top secretary of the company.

Julia is expert in managing meetings and conferences. Her coworkers and supervisors have always been all praises for her. In fact, she was a valuable member of our company.

I wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors. Any further information regarding Julia’s work can be obtained from the phone number and email address mentioned below.




Felicity Holmes
(Human Resource Manager)
Global Guzzlers
(000) 784-4121
felicity @ globallguzzlers . com

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