Dental Assistant Recommendation and Reference Letter Sample

Updated on: July 25, 2020

Recommendation letters for the Dental Assistant position serve to provide credence to ex-employee skills and experience to assist him in attaining a new job.

Since people apply to many companies at the same time, recommendation letters should not be addressed to any particular person. That’s the reason most recommendation letters have a “To Whom It May Concern” heading.

When writing a recommendation letter for a dental assistant, you will need to concentrate on an individual’s good points. Determine what an employee has done for your company and effectively highlight the same. This information is necessary for a new employer to make critical hiring decisions.

Take a look at the following recommendation or reference letter sample for a dental assistant’s position to comprehend what this type of letter includes:

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Sample Reference and Recommendation Letter for Dental Assistant

July 25, 2020

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is a sincere recommendation for Emily Blunt as a Dental Assistant. I have known Emily in a professional capacity since she joined ABC Dental as a Dental Assistant in March 2018. I was quite impressed by her enthusiasm and her knowledge of dentistry along with her eagerness in working in a real-time environment.

What particular interest to me as a dentist is Emily’s ability to work with minimal supervision. Emily has excellent multitasking abilities as I found her handling both chairside work and that of the front desk with equal professionalism. She is adept at handling radiograph work and has in-depth knowledge of dental sanitary and hygiene practices.

Emily worked 40 hours per week by performing the following duties:

  • Greeted patients and families in the dental office
  • Scheduled appointments, maintained patient records and assisted with payment procedures
  • Prepared customers for treatments and checkups while ensuring their comfort
  • Selected and set up dental instruments, equipment, and materials
  • Sterilized and disinfected instruments according to regulations
  • Assisted dentists through 4-handed dentistry
  • Undertook lab tasks as instructed
  • Provided oral hygiene and post-operative care instructions
  • Kept the dental room clean and well-stocked

Emily’s continued success as a dental assistant is because of her enthusiasm to exceed expectations. She was recently entrusted with handling a presentation on managing the preparation of impression materials at the Dentists Educational Seminar, which she aced and proved to be a source of pride for me and my office.

I understand her desire to apply her dental assistance skills in a more challenging environment. I wish her all the best and endorse her for any dental assisting position that she opts for. I can be reached at (000) 888-8888 if you require any further information regarding Emily.


Jonathan Rogers
(Dental Surgeon)
Dental Aesthetics
(000) 888-8888

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