School Secretary Hard Skills Statements for Resume

Updated on: September 11, 2022

Becoming a recruiter’s favorite candidate is never easy. There are many things that you need to do to earn his or her favor. One thing that is bound to bring results is providing information about your skills.

Your skills are not for you to keep a secret – if you have a certain skill set, recruiters need to know so that they can provide you with opportunities to use them in a professional sense.

Skills are usually considered much more important than experience and accomplishments because, in order to achieve either of them, you have to possess a solid skill set.

Each position that you apply for will demand a different set of skills. If you are applying for a laborer position, a hiring manager will want to know if you are physically fit and possess construction knowledge.

And if you are hoping to obtain a job as a financial analyst, the employer must be provided with detailed information on your analytic abilities and leadership skills.

For a school secretary position, the following list of skills should suffice:

Sample Skills for School Secretary Resume

• Proficient in implementing and maintaining all office and school record-keeping systems, including comprehensive web-based student databases.

• Highly efficient in developing and tracking records and reports related to incidents, accidents, and average daily attendance.

• Demonstrated ability to draft and type the official letters to be sent to external agencies and parents.

• Exceptional ability to efficiently and accurately compile reports such as student progress reports and teaching training outcomes.

• Hands-on experience in answering routine correspondence for administrative purposes and providing administrative support to technical staff.

• First-hand experience in acting as the first point of contact for queries from the public, including parents and prospective students.

• Proven record of effectively establishing, maintaining, and monitoring accurate, neat, and efficient electronic and manual filing systems.

• Track record of preparing accurate minutes of the academic and managerial meetings and appropriately filing them in a confidential manner.

• Adept at gathering and preparing appropriate attendance and accounting information, and placing them in appropriate folders or files.

• Competent in assisting teachers and administrators in creating teaching materials, and administering tests and exams.

• Deep familiarity with handling student enrolling and discharging activities, including requesting information from previous schools.