School District Secretary Resume Sample

Updated on: August 29, 2015

Resumes can be fun to write – especially if you keep in mind the end result. Possible employment with an organization is what keeps us thinking positively during our resume writing efforts. Basically, resume writing is jarring. But if you look at how important it is in the job application process, you can maybe look at it kindly.

Prepping each resume that you write with persuasive marketing facts about yourself is important. The matchup between your qualifications and an employer’s requirements is what a secretary resume is all about. Don’t let your efforts go down the drain by not being able to put your marketing facts before the person who can hire you. Try! Try again!

To give you a kick start, here is a sample resume for a school district secretary:

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School District Secretary Resume Sample


Henry Bass

556 San Marcos Avenue ● Los Lunas, NM 33782
(000) 999-9999 ● henry.bass @ email . com

School District Secretary

SUMMARY: Enthusiastic and highly innovative administrative professional, with demonstrated expertise in performing a variety of support work involving both routine and broadly defined school district policies and procedures.

• Documented success in laying down policies and procedures by providing clear interpretations
• Adept at sorting and classifying important information pertaining to school districts and their members
• Well-versed in maintaining office calendars of appointments and preparing for important meetings and events
• Track record of performing records maintenance duties, along with handling communications within the school district


– Policy development – Procedure implementation – Curriculum development
– Mail handling – Correspondence handling – Procurement
– Scheduling – Event management – Student enrollment
– Records keeping – Accounting – Induction support

• Reorganized the filing system by introducing more effective ways of records management, including electronic filing systems
• Implemented a vast series of school procedures within a record time of 3 months
• Reduced financial pressure on parents by suggesting that school supplies be provided by the school
• Trained and inducted 15 new administrative employees within 5 months


School District Secretary
• Provide support in creating core curriculums for each class
• Interact with the public and staff members in routine and special situations
• Provide information and give interpretations regarding policies and procedures related to school activities
• Establish and maintain accurate and efficient electronic and manual systems
• Sort, classify and distribute incoming mail and create correspondence including letters, memos and requisitions
• Coordinate efforts with procurement officers to ensure that school supplies are procured in a time-efficient manner

ST. LOUIS SCHOOL, Los Lunas, NM (1/2005 – 6/2010)
General Clerk
• Created and maintained liaison with vendors and suppliers to ensure that best possible rates are negotiated
• Gathered and prepared attendance and accounting information and create reports for the school management
• Oversaw monthly budget reports and point out and resolve and discrepancies in them
• Scheduled IEPs (individualized educational programs) meetings
• Assisted in the enrollment and discharge of students by providing solid administrative assistance

PORTERVILLE SCHOOL, Los Lunas, NM (1/1999 – 1/2005)
Office Intern
• Received, sorted and distributed incoming mail to staff members
• Provided support in creating curriculums for different class levels
• Assisted in creating correspondence such as memos, letters and minutes of meetings
• Created questionnaires and other admissions registration documents
• Assisted in handling filing work including records creation and management


Associate’s Degree in School Administration