Dental Student Resume Objectives

Updated April 6, 2017

Resume objectives are not adornments. They have a certain purpose which is to introduce the candidate to the hiring manager. Abrupt beginning are no recruiter’s favorite. Candidates need to be introduced to the hiring manager slowly. If you start off your resume with too much information, there is a huge chance of overwhelming the hiring manager – and he might just put down your resume and pick up another one.

A resume objective is made of “all nice things”. This means that you must provide information that the hiring manager wants to know. So if he is looking for a person who is good at counting, make sure that you outline your mathematical skills effectively. And if he or she is not looking for someone who has no leadership skills, ensure that you do not write that you had issues leading a team in the past. The fact that you are a good choice for a position should not be lost on the hiring manager.

When writing your resume, always begin with the objective. Even if you are applying for a first time job, make sure that your objective is clear and detailed. Mention what specific skills you have (especially when experience is not your friend) and make sure that all information that you provide in an objective, can later be verified in the rest of the resume. Here are some examples:

Dental Student Resume Objectives

• Highly skilled and meticulous Dental Student with exceptional knowledge of performing dental / oral examinations, looking for a position at Dental Habitat. Able to handle standard and complex dental procedures including root canals and scaling.

• Committed dental student seeking a position at Heartland Dental utilizing exceptional knowledge of performing dental examinations and procedures such as cleaning, scaling, binding, filling and restorations.

• Top performing dental student offering deep insight into performing dental procedures, administering and prescribing required medication and administering local anesthesia prior to dental procedures.

• Recent dental graduate, presently looking for a position as a Dentist with All-inclusive Care making the most of skills in diagnosing and treating dental and oral issues, and providing education to patients regarding good oral health and care.

• To obtain a position as a Dental Student Intern at Town Center Dental. Bringing ability to educate patients on oral healthcare, diagnose dental conditions, interpret x-rays, and create dental treatment plans.

• Committed dental student seeking a Dentist Intern position at Aspire Dental. Proficient in performing core dental services such as removing tartar, stains and plaque from teeth, taking and developing dental x-rays, and providing patients with insight into good dental hygiene and care.