Office Secretary Skills and Abilities for Resume

Updated on: October 24, 2020

If you’ve ever wondered why your perfectly written resume did not bring you interviews or even a call of acknowledgment from the employer, you may be doing something wrong. And the most probable thing is that you either forgot to include a skills section in your resume or included it in a not so becoming way.

Your skills define who you are on a level that no other part of the resume can. The importance of a defined and dedicated skills section is emphasized so much simply because it makes your resume complete. Never attempt sending in your resume without adding this section, as by leaving it out, you’re giving the employer a bad impression about yourself.

Isn’t the resume all about highlighting your good points? It is which is precisely why you need to place some focus on your skills as well. When you fail to do so, your resume ends up in the water hole.

Do not let your resume slip from the employer’s hands simply because it has one very important thing missing. Create a powerful set of skills and place them all under one head on your resume.

To see how an office secretary can place her skills in a resume, refer to the skills statements below:

Sample Skills for Office Secretary Resume

  • Track record of creating office correspondence such as letter, memos, and reports according to professional protocols
  • Skilled in handling incoming calls for information and providing concise info by remaining within company protocol limitations
  • Competent in maintaining records and filing systems according to set procedures
  • Unmatched ability to take and type minutes of the meeting while maintaining accuracy and essence of each agenda
  • Competent at communicating verbally and in writing to answer queries or provide information in an accurate and professional manner
  • Efficiently coordinated the flow of information both internally and externally to ensure a smooth work process
  • Known for maintaining the confidentiality of all information
  • Proficient in liaising with vendors and suppliers to ensure accurate and timely delivery of office equipment and supplies
  • Deep insight into operating and maintaining office equipment such as copiers, fax machines, and scanners
  • Effectively able to work with technology to ensure smooth office practices and procedures
  • Demonstrated ability to perform scheduling and follow up duties
  • Well-versed in providing support to different departments with their projects, including marketing, sales, and procurement
  • Able to arrange travel and accommodation for executives based on their specific requirements