Licensed Nutritionist Resume Sample

Updated April 5, 2017


There are two directions a resume can take – for you and against you.

Of course you would want it to favor you instead of being a disservice to you, but it can quite easily go the other way if you don’t make a great amount of effort in creating your resume.

The way you format and place information in a resume matters tremendously.

A resume sample is provided below for your reference:


Licensed Nutritionist Resume Sample



Sadie Holmes

49 Charlestown Road | Lexington, IN 49025 | (000) 542-8541 | sadhom @ email . com


Committed to provide clients with the highest level of nutrition and weight management support in a professional environment.

15+ years’ track record of success providing functional nutritional education to clients, by effectively assessing current nutritional statuses, and providing exceptional insight into apt diets and lifestyle changes. Skilled in evaluating clients’ nutritional needs and providing them with correlating counseling to help them lead healthy lifestyles.

• Highly experienced in planning and implementing health promotion activities, such as workshops and health fairs
• Ability to develop comprehensive dietary care plans based on assessments, and providing clinical guidance
• Deep insight into appropriately identifying food and drug interactions and making necessary therapeutic changes in individualized meal plans


✓ Medical Nutrition Counseling ✓ Calorie Counting
✓ Meal Planning ✓ High-risk Nutritional Care Plans
✓ Weight Supplementing ✓ Deficiencies Management
✓ Goal Setting ✓ Lifestyle Changes
✓ Risk Assessment ✓ Weight Loss Strategies
✓ Client Counseling ✓ Specialist Groups Advice


• Successfully placed an autoimmune disease in remission for a client, through well-placed diet and exercise plans.
• Singlehandedly managed to create and implement a series of meal plans, which could easily be customized for diabetic patients.
• Introduced 3 different diet plans for clients suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, all of which enjoyed 100% success.
• Implemented a diet and nutrition plans for an obese patient, helping him lose more than 105lbs within 18 months.


Center Care Health, Lexington, IN | 2010 – Present
Licensed Nutritionist
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their nutritional and dieting goals
• Assess patients to decipher unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles and evaluate their nutritional needs
• Create, develop and implement nutritional strategies to assist clients in reaching their nutritional goals
• Explain the effects of bad nutrition on the human body and mind and provide insight into the benefits of nutrients on an individual’s condition
• Offer counseling and suggest alternatives for food items to address clients’ dietary restrictions
• Create and implement full and personalized nutrition plans for each individual client to promote healthy lifestyles
• Monitor clients’ progress to evaluate efficacy of implemented plan and make required changes as necessary
• Work in tandem with healthcare professionals to ensure delivery of exceptional nutritional support for high-risk or chronically ill patients

Glen National Hospital, Lexington, IN | 2003 – 2010
Dietary Assistant
• Oversaw the work of food preparers to ensure that all means were prepared according to plan
• Delivered and served nutritiously cooked meals to patients, according to their specific diet plans
• Read and comprehended each assigned patient’s medical records and ensured that food intake was properly recorded
• Provided patients with education on the merits of eating well-balanced and nutritious food items
• Ascertained that patients’ rooms were cleaned and sanitized post each meal, to ensure a safe and healthy surrounding for them

Commission of Dietetic Registration, Lexington, IN | 2002
Licensed Nutritionist

Indiana State University, Lexington, IN | 2001
Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition