School Secretary Resume Sample

Updated on: September 17, 2022

Resumes are hardly interesting reads which is why they need to be something extraordinary for a hiring manager to be truly interested in them.

A compelling and to-the-point School Secretary resume leads to many interview opportunities.

Here is a sample for you to follow, so that you too can create an exceptional one:

Sample Resume for School Secretary Position

Amber Hodge
64 Lynn Street
Parkersburg, WV 58585
(000) 813-4152
amberhodge @ email . com


• Detail-oriented school secretary with 9+ years’ track record of success performing a variety of clerical and support work involving both specific routines and broadly defined policies and procedures.
• Highly skilled in interacting with the public and working cooperatively with staff, students and parents.
• Competent in establishing, maintaining, and monitoring accurate, neat, and efficient electronic and manual record systems
• Hands-on experience in responding to requests for information from new students and parents, regarding school policies and courses
• Demonstrated ability to schedule appointments, maintain calendars, and prepare materials for workshops and teacher training sessions
• Deep insight into ordering, distributing, and maintaining inventory of office and school supplies and equipment

– Correspondence Handing – Forms Processing
– Inventory Management – Admissions Assistance
– Purchase Expediting – Budget Execution
– Confidentiality – Enrollment Support


  • Replaced the current paper filing system with an electronic one, improving access time by 50%.
  • Introduced a supplies inventory system, which was considered30% more efficient than the one already in place.
  • Proved to be invaluable to the school during a particularly harrowing exam time, by providing primary school teachers with assistance in creating exam papers from scratch.
  • Implemented a foolproof admission forms screening system, which reduced selection time by 20%.


School Secretary
Franklin Elementary School, Parkersburg, WV 
2016 – Present
• Greet parents and students as they arrive at the school office and assist them with their queries
• Provide information regarding school policies and procedures, along with an insight into school practices and offered courses
• Assist students and parents in filling out admission and registration forms and provide them with information on required documentation
• Process forms, pick eligible candidates, and ensure that their profiles are presented to the school management
• Create and maintain correspondence such as letters, memos, and reports
• Maintain inventory of office supplies and equipment by establishing effective liaison with vendors and supplies
• Monitor students’ attendance by actively looking through logs, and identify any causes for concern regarding absences and truancy
• Assist teachers in creating exam and test papers, in accordance with school policies and curriculum

School Office Aide
Loomis Union Elementary, Parkersburg, WV
2012 – 2016
• Assisted in creating and maintaining electronic and paper filing systems to handle students’ records
• Typed up correspondence such as letters to parents, memos to school staff, and emails for acquiring information
• Created and maintained effective relationships with suppliers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of supplies and equipment
• Assisted in setting up educational equipment such as projectors for presentations and training
• Helped in the supervision of students during class, free lessons, recess time, and extracurricular activities

Specialized Courses in Office Management

High School Diploma
Parkersburg High School, Parkersburg, WV – 2005

• Microsoft Word and Excel database
• Munis accounting system
• Internet, Outlook, Email
• Informational Files Management

“I perform all kinds of school office tasks independently by exercising sound judgment.”