Customer Service Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 7, 2022
Position Overview

From banks to supermarkets, customer service assistants work with many companies.

Wherever there is a need for handling customers, there are customer service assistants to do the job.

In this role, it is your job to make sure that all customers are serviced excellently.

A happy customer means a recurring business, which is why it is essential to give customers what they are looking for.

Customer service assistants are hired to lead customers through the shopping experience, especially in a retail setting.

People working in this role in banks or other such organizations often help new clients with account opening procedures.

A typical workday as a customer service associate will have you answering telephone calls, offering information, arranging shop displays, and assisting customers with their problems.

In some instances, you may also be required to help in up-selling products and services.

Position Requirements

Typically an entry-level job, the position of a customer service associate does not require much education from an individual.

A high school diploma, however, will help you obtain a job – if you have excellent people skills and know-how to handle stressful situations, you have a good chance of bagging the job.

Some essential duties that you will be performing in this role are listed below. You may use these phrases to build a resume for a customer service assistant job.

Customer Service Assistant Job Description for Resume

• Act as the first point of contact between the company and customers by greeting and welcoming them.

• Indulge in small conversations with customers to determine their shopping or service needs and provide them with appropriate solutions.

• Escort customers to appropriate aisles or instruct customer service representatives to lead them to required aisles.

• Provide information about products – physically demonstrate products when requested by the customer.

• Oversee the stocking of shelves to ensure that all the Ps of marketing are followed.

• Supervise the cleanliness and neatness of displayed products several times a day.

• Take telephone calls and provide information regarding the company’s services and products to prospective customers.

• Listen to complaints lodged by customers and attempt to resolve them in a bid to ensure recurring business.

• Assist with payment procedures – at times, process credit card and cash payments.

• Issue change and receipt and answer any questions regarding taxes.

• Manage product returns, refunds, and exchanges.

• Make sure that customers’ experiences are positive by continually providing them with required input.

• Take and record customers’ information for product delivery or provide them with information on future deals.

• Assist cashiers in balancing cash registers at the end of each shift.

• Provide support in determining cash discrepancies and resolving them on an immediate basis.