Letter to Parents from Teacher Regarding Homework

Updated: April 5, 2022

Writing a letter to a parent is often difficult for a teacher.

Parents are understandably protective of their children, and if confronted with the idea that their child isn’t doing well in school, it can lead to a conflict.

However, academic letters do not only consist of complaint letters.

Teachers often write letters to parents looking for feedback especially where homework is concerned.

Writing a letter or email to parents asking for feedback is a norm nowadays as official correspondence is getting less and less formal.

Parents are often open to providing feedback that may help make an educational system better for their children.

Letters or emails of this type may include a teacher asking parents for information that may help her organize things more efficiently.

For instance, a teacher who is writing a letter to a parent regarding homework may do this either to gauge how the parents think or to provide information regarding the homework system of the school.

The following is a sample letter that will help you understand what this type of letter may contain.

Sample Letter or Email to Parents from Teacher Regarding Homework

Anna Bell
Class Teacher

April 5, 2022

Mr. Graham Butler
635 Rector Road
Schenectady, NY 99303

Re: Homework

Dear Mr. Butler:

As you are aware, we have been spending a significant amount of time and effort involving parents and guardians in the core workings of our school, especially where students are concerned. This activity provides us with a chance to improve our educational system in order to serve the academic needs of our students better.

It is important to us that parents should be fully involved in the academic progress of their children, especially where homework is concerned.

Since homework is done under the supervision of the parents and away from the school environment, it is virtually impossible for us to keep seeing how it is being conducted.

Therefore, we have developed some guidelines that we feel the parents should follow to make the homework fun through positive reinforcement.

  1. It is important that children work in the same time slot each day as this will promote an effective study routine.
  2. The right furniture can make a huge difference. Your child needs to sit on a chair, the size of which allows them to let their feet touch the ground. Also, the height of the table should be adequate.
  3. Without enough light, your child can hurt his or her eyes. Experimenting with windows and lamps can provide you with an excellent atmosphere for your child to do their homework.
  4. Distractions at homework time can cause a lack of focus. Make sure that you switch off the television and anything else that may distract them.
  5. Provide independence to your child at homework time. Let them think of different ways to write answers. Tell your child to ask questions when they have trouble with something.

Our classroom programs are designed to engage, stimulate and encourage students to learn in a positive environment, and we wish to promote the same learning environment while they are at home. If there are any questions that you would like to ask or set up a meeting with me, you may call the school office and decide a time with them.

I am available to answer any questions and assist you with implementing this program successfully.

Thank you,


Anna Bell
Class Teacher