8 Sample Achievements for Law Clerk Resume

Updated on: November 3, 2020

Law clerks are administrative professionals who work at law offices and courts. On a typical workday, they interact with clients, legal secretaries, lawyers, judges, and paralegals in order to provide them with clerical and administrative support.

A major part of a law clerk’s work is research. They research information for lawyers and judges on different cases by looking through precedents and finding out information that will help them expedite a case. Another major responsibility of a law clerk is to maintain the court calendar and manage dates and schedules. They also take telephone calls and respond to inquiries and may be expected to meet with new clients to gather preliminary case information. Preparing legal documents, writing legal articles, and filing pleadings and depositions are something that a law clerk does in a typical workday.

People applying for a law clerk position need to ensure that their resumes reflect their accomplishments which will make them interesting candidates to the recruiter.

However, writing achievements in a resume is not the easiest thing to do as you need to reflect on how you have helped the system in your previous position.

The following are some sample achievements for a law clerk resume that may come in handy when attempting to write the accomplishments section of a resume.

Sample Achievements for a Law Clerk Resume

  1. Prepared a settlement agreement that engendered resolution of a $50,000 construction case between the contractor and the owner of the property.
  2. Researched and developed a factual basis for a restraining order for a kidnapping case in which the court relied heavily on when passing a verdict.
  3. Reorganized the filing system by introducing an online database program and eliminating cumbersome paperwork.
  4. Streamlined the operations of the office by implementing a research system that took case data and provided precedential information in real-time.
  5. Wrote a legal document on domestic violence as part of the awareness programs held at women’s shelters across the state.
  6. Successfully obtained a sentence reduction of a client from three to one year.
  7. Drafted and presented a motion to restrain false evidence against a client in a criminal case resulting in the dismissal of charges completely.
  8. Accelerated the judge’s verdict on a critical case by researching and providing information on the false accusation of a client by giving evidence on the contrary.