Floater Teacher Resume Sample

Updated on: February 16, 2018

There is no barrier to writing a good resume, if you have been successful in researching the position and the company properly.

To see which format to base your resume on, have a look at the following sample:




Floater Teacher Resume Example



Sarah White
77 Bridge Road, Houston, TX 60210
(000) 521-8574
sarah.white @ email . com


Over 6 years of progressive experience working in an academic capacity. Highly skilled in providing assistance to lead teachers within different classroom environments, focusing on delivery of excellence in academics.  Demonstrated ability to assist in the development and implementation of lesson plans, across many subjects.


Subject Teaching Behavior Management Group Sessions
Substitution Child Development Records Keeping
Activities Development Discipline Maintenance Event Management
Daily Routines Execution Interactions Observation Limits Establishment

• Managed 2 classes (for all subjects), during an instance of mass teacher absenteeism.
• Implemented a routine execution system, which resulted in streamlining students’ physical education routines.
• Introduced the concept of group education, which proved to be exceptionally successful in teaching complex concepts to students.
• Successfully developed and implemented smart board activities for students of 6 classes, as part of their technology learning process.


Floater Teacher
Primrose School, Houston, TX | 2014 – Present

• Assist lead teachers in creating and implementing core lesson plans, according to set curriculum.
• Provide support in handling students in a floating capacity, by overseeing their work.
• Assist students in understanding difficult concepts, and how to handle assignments revolving around them.
• Create homework worksheets, and explain ways of executing it to students.
• Oversee the behavior of students within assigned classes, and intervene when there is cause for concern.
• Monitor students during classroom and playground activities, ensuring their health and safety at all times.
• Observe, record, and evaluate students’ interactions, and experiences during every assigned class.
• Create and maintain records of students, and ensure that they are updated on a regular basis.

Home Tutor
Tutors’ Inc., Houston, TX | 2011 – 2014

• Assisted students with their homework and assignments, keeping as close to provided instructions as possible.
• Ascertained that students made a special effort to handle homework assignments, by encouraging them throughout.
• Provided support in understand difficult or complex concepts, across many subjects.
• Assessed students on a regular basis, and provided progress feedback to parents.
• Counseled students regarding behavioral issues or academics, ensuring that a positive tone was used.

Texas State University, Houston, TX
Bachelor of Science in Education