Solicitation letters need to be written with a lot of care especially if you are soliciting aid for charity purposes. You will need to provide details of your organization and the event for which donations are required. Solicitation letters are usually written during the holiday season especially around Christmas.

A solicitation letter for Christmas donations is written to encourage endowments from organizations and individuals for the benefit of people who may not be able to spend their Christmas in a manner that this holiday should be spent. This may include asking for donations for the poor or for orphans for whom Christmas may seem like any other regular day in their lives and may not hold any special meaning due to lack of resources.

Below is a sample solicitation letter from an NGO to a donor. Make sure that this letter is printed on the official letterhead of your company. It should holds information of how your organization makes a difference in people’s lives and how will you utilize donation amount in a judicious manner.


Sample Solicitation Letter for Christmas Donations


November 30, 2015

Mr. Gerard Horn
8 Old Stage Road
Groton, NY 21010

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa

Dear Mr. Horn:

SOS Children’s Village has been looking after the emotional and physical needs of orphans for over 2 decades. We have been instrumental in providing opportunities for children to thrive – despite lack of resources and opportunities and the success that we have achieved – can be judged from every smile that we are greeted with from these children each day.

As the holiday season is arriving, expectations in these young hearts are rising. For most of the children under our care, Christmas has never meant much, since they have not had a family to celebrate with or a toy to look forward to. Our staff strives all year to provide them with support in terms of entertainment in order to boost their morale and develop them mentally. However, as Christmas arrives, we have our hands full with managing the basic needs of these children and providing them with more happiness that they have acquired during the year.

We need your help. We understand that LEAD USA is actively involved in community work and we would like to ask for some assistance as well. We have been collecting Christmas donations in terms of old clothes, toys, food and cash for a month now and have somewhat reached our target. However, any help that you can provide will give us a chance to make the orphans under our care happy with their lives and find the true spirit of Christmas.

We look forward to hearing from you and anticipate that is will be just the beginning of a long and lasting relationship.

Thank you very much for your time.


Sincere regards,


Sasha Cohen
SOS Children’s Village
Austin, TX 32521
(000) 999-3333
sasha @ email . com