Customer Service Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 31, 2019

Position Overview

Customers are any company’s prime assets, and it is no wonder that so much importance is given to providing them with the best of services.

Customer service managers are hired for the prime purpose of ensuring that a company’s customers remain happy and provide recurring business opportunities.


Customer service managers are usually required to oversee the duties of customer service representatives. They manage representatives’ working hours and ensure that proper scheduling is done so that customers are not affected due to shortage of staff. In addition, they hire and train customer service representatives to make sure that exceptional services are provided to customers.

On a broader scale, customer service managers control and monitor teams of representatives and make sure that they are working according to the company’s policies.

They also serve as backups when representatives cannot handle clients – it is the responsibility of a customer service manager to handle demanding customers or situations and to make customer retention possible.

As a matter of fact, customer service managers need to be good decision-makers and possess the ability to handle conflict.

Additionally, they must also be good conversationalists and know how to handle difficult or irate customers.

Since many customer service managers work on helpdesks, they need to know proper telephone etiquette as well.

Below are some important duties and tasks of a customer service manager. These statements will be very helpful for job seekers who want to make an impressive resume.

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Job Description for Customer Service Manager Resume

• Assist in developing and implementing customer service policies

• Manage a team of customer service staff to ensure that exceptional customer services are provided

• Handle staffing and scheduling duties for customer service teams

• Ensure that any internal conflicts are warded off immediately so that they do not affect customers directly or indirectly

• Handle customer service human resource tasks by interviewing, selecting, orienting and training employees to provide good customer services

• Provide both new and existing employees with information on the company’s policies and customer service protocols

• Record and review customers’ calls to ensure that a customer service representative is providing a proper level of service

• Take over and query or question that representatives cannot handle and attempt to satisfy customers

• Take telephone calls from customers in the event of staff shortages and ensure that customers are provided with information or help that they are seeking

• Proactively handle customers’ complaints to resolve the issue on an immediate basis

• Issue compensations, refunds or rewards to customers

• Maintain accurate records of conversations with customers

• Monitor the work of customer service representatives and provide them with feedback for improvement or motivational purposes

• Manage staff appraisals and keep up to date with industry changes and demands