Barista Resume No Experience

Updated on June 3, 2019

Building an effective resume for a barista position (especially when you have no experience in hand) is challenging. That is to say, it can make or break your candidacy.

You need to work strategically to determine the barista skills and qualifications which will form an integral part of your resume.


Here are some instructions that will come in handy:

Barista Resume No Experience Guidelines

• Do not mention that you have no experience in hand. Instead, focus on your knowledge and skills.

• If you have any non-relevant volunteer work experience, you will need to relate your previous tasks with the barista job.

• Divide your qualifications into subheadings and link all your skills to the position.


• To convince the prospective employer regarding your competencies, customize your resume as per their demands.

• Keep your tone to-the-point and straightforward.


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Entry Level Barista Resume Sample


Leonardo Kimberly
699 Rainbow Sq, Las Vegas, NV 78302
(000) 897-7454


An innovative and outgoing individual – bringing an exceptional passion for coffee making and customer service.


Coffee Making
• Substantial knowledge of various types of coffee beans and specific qualities
• Skilled in hand brewing multiple forms of coffee
• Trained in Latte art

• People-oriented personality with a customer focused attitude
• Able to brew customized coffee cups while having a light conversation with customers
• Well versed in working efficiently in a team utilizing useful communication skills at all levels

• Proven record of paying attention to details
• Able to comprehend and follow instructions, machine manuals, and recipe guidelines
• Familiar with safety procedures regarding coffee brewing and kitchen equipment handling, able to identify hazards in the work area

Literacy and Numeracy
• Ready to make simple calculations for doubling recipes
• Fluent in quantity unit conversions
• Well versed in cash and POS handling
• Able to read instructions and guidelines


Food Service Volunteer
SOS Village, Las Vegas, NV | 2016 – 2017

• Assisted staff in food preparation
• Devised healthy recipes on a budget
• Participated actively in food service at the camp
• Provided exemplary service to the guests and patrons
• Resolved disputes between participants


High School Diploma
ABC SCHOOL, Las Vegas, NV – 2018

“I am a very hardworking individual who is eager to take a new challenge every day.”

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